‘Haven’ recap: The teddy bear picnic

November 8, 2014 - Picnic Time

Season 5 | Episode 9 | “Morbidity” | Aired Nov 7, 2014


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Dr. Charlotte Cross of a CDC could not have picked a worse time for a small Haven vacation. She is looking for some lobster, though stumbles opposite a crazy foul illness that threatens to take down a 500-year swindling Havenites have worked so formidable to maintain. Even a desirable tones of Chris Brody, a world’s many renouned man, can’t remonstrate Dr. Cross to leave Haven alone.

Dave’s crazy blue dreams are removing worse. He is now saying a garland of passed people in a woods in further to a creepy figure in a tree. In sequence to get Dr. Cross off his back, Dave calls in Chris Brody to spin a story that Dave was stung by a jellyfish. Dave sum that Chris’ overwhelming attract will assistance remonstrate Dr. Cross to be on her way. This divergent tract is unsuccessful, though opportunely it’s an forgive for Jason Priestley to be on Haven again, that is a best probable outcome for everybody involved. He’s usually so charming.

Dave’s leg isn’t a usually problem piquing Dr. Cross’ interest. She and Dwight are enjoying a regretful cooking during a Grey Gull when a associate caf� collapses. The disease’s symptoms embody heat and blisters on a lips—and it usually attacks uneasy people. More and some-more patients are brought to a hospital, and Nathan, Gloria, and Dwight do all they can to keep anything remotely uneasy divided from Dr. Cross.

This is easier pronounced than done, given a illness causes uneasy people to panic and therefore trigger their troubles. Audrey is sent to assistance Eve, whose difficulty of dancing bears that switch from being dull costumes to containing Eve’s mutilated, passed father are a many exposed—and therefore a hardest to keep out of Dr. Cross’ way.


When Audrey fails to speak Eve down, she calls for backup: Mara. This is a initial time that Mara and Audrey have oral to any other given a split, and, as Duke says, it’s flattering awkward. Other than job Audrey a scale and a candy wrapper, Mara isn’t most help, though Audrey sum out a difficulty herself. Take that, Mara!

Nathan and Dwight spin adult a ill people in a morgue, though a illness is removing harder to control. People’s troubles keep activating, and a place is a sum mess. Intern is in approach over her head. The autopsy for a initial plant of a illness comes in. He died from an atmosphere burble in his brain, that is a sign of his trouble.

Dr. Cross apparently doesn’t know this and assumes he was murdered. She finds a morgue of crazy infirm people and immediately puts Haven underneath quarantine. In her research, Dr. Cross also notices a common genetic thread between all of a patients. She passes it off as a coincidence, though Dwight thinks she might have inadvertently stumbled on a genetic formula for uneasy people. Perhaps scholarship isn’t all that bad.

As Dr. Cross tries to call for backup, Duke has a shining idea: he uses a recently uneasy lady who can emanate lightning to take down a dungeon tower. In an aged Western-style montage, Duke, Dwight, and Nathan dilemma Dr. Cross in front of a Haven Herald office. She runs inside and hides, as anyone who thinks she’s in a city of crazy murderers should.

Duke wants to chuck Dr. Cross in a Cape Rouge with Mara, though Dwight thinks that’s a small most so he tazes Duke. Dwight doesn’t have a devise really, though he stairs adult as a male in charge, job Nathan out for usually caring about Audrey and Duke for usually caring about himself. Way harsh, Dwight, though to be satisfactory it’s mostly true. A Haven run by Dwight and Dwight alone would be unequivocally opposite than a one we’re used to.

Meanwhile Mara is playing some-more mind games with Duke. She tries a small full-frontal nudity—on Duke, not on us. This is simple cable, after all. She moves from nakedness to convincing Duke that his friends are going to spin on him. Mara unequivocally wants Duke on her side. Maybe if he goes all blood-addict dim Crocker, he can assistance Mara with a thinnies? Whatever her reasons, Mara is determined—and in usually one part she succeeds. Duke isn’t sucking uneasy blood off a building utterly yet, though he is really pissed during his less-troubled friends.

Haven airs Fridays at 7/6C on Syfy.

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