Here’s What’s Bringing Bernie Sanders Voters to a Polls in Nevada

February 20, 2016 - Picnic Time

Free preparation – we already got that. And it sucks.

Security for Veterans – there’s no other demographic that has some-more security. The guys who get in a troops are already of aloft normal peculiarity than a inhabitant average, are improved prepared going in, accept improved preparation while in, and have endless post-service support programs. Hell, there’s even a supervision inducement module to sinecure vets within their initial 3 years of withdrawal a service.

Immigrant Rights – they already have rights. The same rights as everybody else.

Climate Justice – what a ruin does this even mean. Is Bernie observant that Yuma needs to trade silt and prohibited continue to Vermont? Because, while the improved than sour cold and snow, silt and 120+ temps ain’t accurately a picnic.

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