Hey Day celebrates 100 years with savings

March 16, 2015 - Picnic Time

Hey Day festivities only got cheaper. On Apr 30, Penn’s campus will be swarmed for a 100th time by hat-biting, cane-wielding juniors as they take over Locust Walk in jubilee — all for only $20.

This year outlines a 100th anniversary of Hey Day, a Penn tradition commemorating a Junior Class’s transition into comparison year with quirky etiquette like donning hats and canes while marching opposite Locust Walk. In an rare pierce to make Hey Day some-more permitted and affordable, a Undergraduate Assembly decreased a cost of participating from $35 to $20 — a 43 percent cost drop. In addition, tickets can be bought online for a initial time ever.

Along with a ignored rate, this year’s Hey Day will revitalise lost traditions such as a reading of a Class Poem. In respect of Hey Day’s 100th anniversary, campus will be filled with centennial-themed decorations and juniors will accept a special 100th anniversary T-shirt along with a special present that will be suggested on Hey Day.

The preference to cut prices came after a 2016 Class Board conducted a consult of about 1,500 students and found that many students suspicion $35 was too most to pay, and that 1 in 5 students couldn’t means a sheet cost.

“The capitulation rating for profitable $35 was 9 percent, that is [even] revoke than [the capitulation rating for] Congress,” President of a 2016 Class Board Jesus Perez said.

After adjusting a bill and conducting fundraisers, a Class Board will offer a finish package including a hat, cane, category shirt and a cruise lunch for $20. This is a bonus compared to prior years’ pricing schemes, that offering a finish package for $35 and bundles consisting of name equipment for several prices.

The Class Board was means to cover some of a costs of dwindling prices by generating a $21,000 distinction from offered Classic Ivy P sweaters for $35 final semester. Hey Day customarily costs about $50,000 in total, though a Junior Class Board hopes to revoke costs to $45,000 this year. Furthermore, a house is obscure costs by switching reserve — this year’s canes will be done of bamboo like they were in a 1990s.

“This is something we’ve been operative on for over a year and a half … these are changes that seem tiny though take a lot of behind-the-scenes work to achieve,” Perez said.

Executive Vice President of a 2016 Class Board Allie Cohen agrees. She pronounced that a other 3 category play contributed to these changes since it was such a vast undertaking. She and Perez trust that a cost composition will assistance some-more juniors to entirely extract in and suffer a hallmark of a Penn undergraduate experience.

“We wish to take divided a financial weight so that students can concentration on what’s important,” Cohen said. “Celebration and imprinting a milestone.”

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