Home Plates: Making summer cruise memories

July 18, 2017 - Picnic Time

I can still tell we accurately where my mom stored a family’s turn wicker cruise basket. we can still see my father make-up ice into a immature Coleman cooler.

If we tighten my eyes, we see watermelon chilling in creeks, my grandmother relaxing in a folding grass chair, Keds-clad feet stretched out in front of her.

Picnics, utterly simply, make for stately memories. And when a days and summer widen on and on, we are duty-bound to get out there and make some new memories, along with a many loving side salads and treats.

I have picnicked in a association of inspired bears, determined bees and irritating flies. But I’m assured I’ve never had a truly bad plate so prolonged as we was outdoor somewhere, happy and loose with family and friends.

This week, Plates unchanging Linda Sue Liu is contributing to a subsequent happy cruise with a span of recipes. Both recipes come together so simply there’s no forgive to stay indoors. Liu’s peanut butter rice cereal bars embody an overwhelming caramel-y topping.

Her cranberry walnut coleslaw offers a mayo-free take on a normal cruise side dish. Liu dresses her slaw with sugar mustard and honey. we do like a mayo-and-yogurt sauce we use on coleslaw, though we competence adjust it with a sugar mustard and sugar to try a opposite season profile.

Happy picnicking. Let me know if we make a special cruise memory or plate this summer.

Second Helpings

The Nut Tree potato salad that ran in this mainstay dishes adult a normal take on this comfort food. If we wish to zip it adult a bit, Pat Bergman of San Jose offers her take. “I use curry powder instead of mustard powder in my egg and potato salads,” Bergman says. “Different, tasty, a bit of Dash and maybe a bit of healthy turmeric in it.”

Bergman is explanation we can be forever artistic when it comes to gratifying a ambience buds. “Something we like though many people can’t suppose eating is blue cheese on ginger snaps. Absolutely yummy!” Colt says.
I can’t even start to suppose a resources that would lead to that collision of flavors, though we spent distant too most time introspective other intensity combos. If you’ve detected a recipe or only a break that snaps your ambience buds to attention, greatfully share.

Request line

Sometimes, Virginia Preston says, it is indeed about a articles. “My father detected a good chili recipe in a Playboy magazine,” Preston says. “He done it countless times over a years, though afterwards we somehow mislaid a recipe. We consider it was in an early-to-mid 1990s emanate of a magazine.”

The chili enclosed belligerent beef and pig though no beans, Preston says. “Supposedly it was a initial President Bush’s favorite chili and competence have creatively come from a Los Angeles restaurant.”

A new ask for an Asian salad sauce recipe stirred J.A. Colt to consternation if readers can assistance with another Asian salad dressing. Colt loves a sauce during Chow in Lafayette. “Not accessible on a menu though offering in a refrigerated to-go case, this salad is great,” Colt says. “They also offer a sauce in tubs, though we would like to make it myself.”

Send recipes, tips and requests to Kim Boatman during HomePlates@bayareanewsgroup.com. Find new Home Plates recipes online during www.mercurynews.com/tag/home-plates/.

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