How to lane and kill a bear: N.J. hunter gives tips

December 16, 2015 - Picnic Time

New Jersey’s hunters have a few some-more days to bag a bear.

But as one hunter explained to NJ Advance Media, a routine of apropos a hunter and afterwards sport a bear isn’t something taken adult on a whim.

John Rogalo, a longtime hunter and a house authority of a N.J. State Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs, will be one of those hunters out in a woods this week. He said he essentially hunts for deer yet if he and his associate hunters come on a bear during a deteriorate they’ll fire it.

“We don’t actively go looking for them,” he said.

However, before stealing to a sport stage, impending hunters need to finish a few simple — yet time-consuming — steps:

First step: Get a gun permit

New Jersey residents meddlesome in sport contingency initial collect adult an focus for a firearms client marker label from a State Police or their inner military department, afterwards go by a focus process.

As partial of a process, they’ll need to contention to a credentials and rapist record check, a hearing of mental health annals and a hearing of references. Hunters afterwards need to wait 30 days, during least, for these checks to clear.

If they’re successful in receiving a firearm client ID permit, impending hunters can take that assent and a current form of government-issued ID to a sport or sportsmen store and squeeze a gun and ammunition.

472 bears killed opposite N.J.; officials opt to extend annual hunt

Second step: Get a gun

The many common arms used by bear hunters is a shotgun not smaller than 20 gauge. Instead of buckshot, bear hunters use plain bullets of lead, famous as slugs. These shotguns, however, are compulsory to have sights or a range merged to a gun, per state regulations.

The state Division of Fish and Wildlife also permits a use of muzzleloaders, that are rifles installed from a front of a gun barrel. Muzzleloaders contingency be single-barrel, singular shot rifles no smaller than .44 caliber. Hunters regulating a muzzleloader contingency also have a current muzzleloader assent to hunt for bear.

While bear hunting, it is bootleg for hunters to have in their possession any ammunition or arms not certified for bear hunting.

Third: Get a bear hunting permit

An particular who has never wanted in New Jersey before needs to finish the DEP’s home investigate preparation course, attend a one-day margin event with instructors, finish a imperative live-fire event and pass a created examination. The preparation courses are free, as they’re saved by a Federal Aid to Wildlife Restoration Act.

After completing these tasks, a hunter can squeeze a license. But in sequence to hunt bear, a protected hunter needs to squeeze a black bear sport permit.

Once a hunter has performed a permit, he can customarily kill a bear in one of a Division of Fish and Wildlife’s approved zones during authorised sport hours by a bear sport season. Hunters are now singular to one bear. Next year, hunters will be means to hunt for dual bears supposing that one bear is killed during a crawl sport deteriorate in Oct and a second is killed during a Dec firearm season.

Fourth: Have a right clothes, gear

Bear hunters contingency also wear a correct clothes while sport — such as a shawl of plain fluorescent hunter orange or an outdoor mantle containing during slightest 200 block inches of fluorescent orange element manifest from all sides during all times.

Fifth: Use a right tactics

Rogalo told NJ Advance Media there’s 3 common ways to hunt for bear: baiting, stalking a bear in a woods or regulating a organisation of hunters to pushing a bear in a specific direction.

“Most of a people who are customarily successful spend a poignant volume of time baiting before to a hunt,” he said.

A hunter who baits for a bear can customarily legally do so in a few ways. It’s taboo to attract for bears in inhabitant wildlife refuges, a Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, a Cedar Swamp Natural Area during High Point State Park, and within 450 feet of campsites and cruise areas in state parks and forests, yet it’s authorised on private skill or in state parks a poignant stretch divided from areas busy by people. The hunter, however, can't be in a assembled blind and needs to be during slightest 300 feet divided from a bait.

By comparison, walking in a woods and pushing a bear requires stalking a bear where it lives.

“They’re going to be in swamps or thick cover, they’re not going to be in a open woods,” Rogalo said.

It is, however, bootleg to kill or try to kill a bear in a basement structure.

Driving a bear is a somewhat opposite tactic. Much like pushing a deer, a organisation of hunters will make a prolonged line in a woods and solemnly travel through, pushing a animal towards one or dual hunters who are in position during a other finish of a woods.

Sixth: Getting a bear out of a woods

A hunter needs to work fast after murdering a bear. Typically, this means regulating a sport blade to make an rent in a animal’s stomach and stealing a inner organs, famous as “field dressing.” Animals need to be gutted fast to equivocate spoiling a meat.

Hunters afterwards need to hitch a black bear travel tab from their bear sport assent and take a animal to one of a state’s check stations. The travel tab includes information such as a hunter’s name, address, date and time of a kill, nearest road, county and city of a kill, and a sex of a bear.

As hunters pronounced on a opening day of a 2015 bear hunt, stealing a bear out of a woods is easier pronounced than finished — and customarily requires several hunters operative in unanimity to get a animal to a vehicle.

Hunters handling on private skill can use an ATV to support them in sport yet customarily if they’ve perceived a skill owner’s accede beforehand. ATV use is typically taboo in state parks, forests and wildlife government areas yet hunters can accept accede from a park superintendent to use an ATV to mislay a bear.

After holding a bear to a check station, hunters will be released a current possession tab from officials with a Division of Fish and Wildlife.

Bear recipes: How to prepare what we kill

Last, yet not least: Butchering a bear

Bear beef needs to be butchered within hours of a kill, yet a volume of fat on a animal can make a routine daunting.

“It’s a lot of work since they have so most fat, we have to skin them and get them cold (as shortly as possible),” Rogalo said.

What serve complicates efforts is that a bear’s muscles are interwoven with fat distinct a deer, he said.

“Bear is not as high peculiarity as venison,” Rogalo said. “With a bear, it’s improved to delayed prepare it, marinate it or use is as a belligerent meat.”

Rogalo pronounced his cousin found a juicy bear chili recipe that he uses to make tacos.

To support hunters with their food preparations, a Department of Environmental Protection also released a bear cookbook final year. Some hunters also present a beef from their kills to soup kitchens, though, venison is a distant some-more renouned diversion meat.

The bear’s censor can also be dark-skinned or pressed as a trophy.

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