Hundreds Stand with Cordileone during Archbishop Family Support Day

May 17, 2015 - Picnic Time

On Saturday, May 16th, approximately 500 joyous Catholics of each age and racial organisation came together in San Francisco’s Sue Bierman Park to uncover support for a City’s fighting Archbishop, Salvatore Cordileone. The true were there to behind a Archbishop’s ongoing efforts to safeguard that a high schools underneath his office attest and broadcast a law of a Catholic Church.

The day began during 9:30am with High Mass in a Extraordinary Form distinguished by Canon Olivier Menes of a Institute of Christ a King Sovereign Priest during a Shrine of St. Francis of Assisi. At slightest 100 of a true were in a Church as Mass began, and one attendee after told us that by a time Mass finished most each chair in a church was filled.

At Sue Bierman Park, a true began to arrive even before a 11:30am scheduled start time. The eventuality was called a “Archbishop Family Support Picnic” and that is accurately what it incited out to be: a large joyous family picnic. The weed of Sue Bierman Park was a checkerboard of blankets and cruise hampers, by that scores of children happily chased one another, holding helium filled blue balloons emblazoned with a pointer “Thank You ABC!”  

Blue was a tone of a day. Organizers had speedy those attending to wear blue as a pointer of solidarity, and even got special blue M M’s printed with a Archbishop’s pointer “In Verbo Tuo” (“At Your Word”). The true were of all ages: from infants in arms to grandmas and grandpas. The cruise was surprising for San Francisco: normal, multi-generational families, collected together to respect God, a Church, and a personality who is compelling those truths in a face of destructive opposition. A series of a children were even seen regulating adult to and hugging some of a military officers on duty. In a revelation juxtaposition, a Archbishop Family Support Picnic was followed currently by a City’s annual “Bay to Breakers”—ostensibly a race, though in existence an eventuality for hundreds of thousands of people to rivet in drunkenness, drug use, and debauchery.

Although a eventuality had a cognisance of a bishopric picnic—at one indicate a tiny organisation started singing Happy Birthday to one of their fellow-parishioners and all a surrounding Catholics assimilated in—it was a bishopric cruise with many parishes. Religious and lay Catholics were from churches all over a Bay Area and beyond: Old St. Mary’s, St. Francis, Star of a Sea, Saints Peter and Paul and Epiphany in San Francisco; Good Shepherd and St. Peter’s in Pacifica; San Francisco de Asis in East Palo Alto; Our Lady of Mercy in Daly City; St. Edwards in Newark; Nativity in Menlo Park; Corpus Christi in Piedmont; St. Isidore in Danville, St. Mark’s in Belmont and many others. 

Male Religious in assemblage enclosed San Francisco’s dear Bishop Emeritus Ignatius Wang; a series of Franciscans, including Fr. John De La Riva, Rector of a Shrine of St. Francis; Benedictine Chant Master Fr. Richard Weber from St. Patrick’s Seminary; Fr. Patrick Lee of Presentation Parish and late Fr. Patrick O’Rafferty, both from Sacramento; Jesuits Fr. Joseph Fessio, editor of Ignatius Press and Fr. John Piderit of a Archdiocese of San Francisco; Fr. Patrick Driscoll of Star of a Sea; a series of priests from a Institute of Christ a King, and a series of seminarians.

Female eremite enclosed members of a Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of a Eucharist, who recently done news for walking out of Marin Catholic High School when students distributed pro-sodomy propaganda; a Missionaries of a Mother of God a Marian Sisters of Santa Rosa; and a Daughters of Mary Help of Christians.

Although a widespread ambiance of a day was joy, Catholics were there for a reason, and pulled no punches. Attendee Joni Durling explained to KGO News that those who explain to have a problem with Cordileone over his new high propagandize beginning unequivocally have a problem with a Catholic Church: “The tenure ‘gravely evil’ is found in a Catechism, so unequivocally if a people are going to a propagandize and they have a problem with it, a archbishop regulating sincerely evil, afterwards they unequivocally have a problem with a Catholic Church.” KGO also interviewed a male named Alfredo Martinez, who, with a organisation of friends, got adult during 2am Saturday morning to make a expostulate from Southern California. Martinez, echoing a difference of Pope Francis’s Jan debate in Manila, said, “The family is underneath attack. Children in a womb are underneath conflict and so we have to uncover a support in whatever approach we can.”

At about 1:00 a intone of “ABC! ABC! ABC!” was unexpected heard. Archbishop Cordileone had arrived. He was fast surrounded by a mass of Catholics, fervent to uncover their support. The San Francisco Chronicle described a scene: 

“’He’s like a stone star,’ pronounced Eva Muntean of San Francisco as she watched Cordileone try to in. his approach by a mob of well-wishers… Muntean, who started a website, pronounced she orderly a eventuality since she believes many Bay Area Catholics feel their support of a archbishop isn’t being heard. The archbishop seemed to have felt that support Saturday.” 

He positively did. The Archbishop was lucent as he spent an hour vocalization with well-wishers (he did not pronounce with a press) including aged friends and allies such pro-life favourite a Rev. Walter Hoye. Many of a true asked for and perceived his blessing and many, generally children, acted for pictures. Even after a Archbishop left, a true remained in a park for some time, enjoying a day and a association of their associate Catholics.

Fewer than a dozen protestors sat on benches on a fringes of a park, clutching rainbow flags. They enclosed Billy Bradford, an LGBT romantic from a East Bay who works with “Get Equal” and “Marriage Equality USA” in a East Bay. Although conjunction a Catholic propagandize tyro or a primogenitor of a Catholic School student, Bradford has been distinguished  in a transformation hostile a training of Catholicism in Catholic schools.

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