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January 7, 2016 - Picnic Time

It’s 2 a.m. Why are we still out? Maybe a bachelor celebration for your final singular crony is circuitous down. Perhaps your still-crazy college roommates challenged we to uncover them around town. Or maybe it’s life in ubiquitous that has we watchful and feeling a small peckish. Fortunately, there are places that keep a lights on 24/7. we set out to try a few.

4700 Wisconsin Ave. NW

Some know this Tenleytown dive well, though carrying never found myself in this partial of Northwest Washington during night, I’m during a detriment when I’m asked how I’d like to sequence my food.

Turns out, grouping “for here” means fixation your sequence inside and eating on one of a 13 bar stools confronting a 4 or so line cooks during a grills. “To go” means grouping with a no-nonsense waitress outward and picking adult your food from a window to eat during a establishment’s outward cruise tables. It’s not tough to figure out, though cut me some slack, it’s 2:30 in a morning.

Inside, we spin to a Snapchatting teen in line to see how a menu binds up.

“I’m from New Jersey, and it’s comparable,” he says, adding that everything’s “fried in-house.”

I ask him where he is on a scale from 1 to trance drunk. He says 5.

Waiting for my egg, cheese and scrapple breakfast sandwich we see a accumulation of folk, including group in trim, tan suits and inebriated American University students.

It’s cold outside, and nonetheless a heat from a shed and a steam from froth containers make me feel warm.

“I come here and we run into people we haven’t seen in 10 years,” says Julie Kilmer, 24, a stewardess and server who grew adult in a area.

“This isn’t a end neighborhood,” says Brad Smith, 33, conduct barkeeper during Tico along a U Street corridor. “But no matter what comes and goes, this always stays here.”

2453 18th St. NW

Moving along, it’s 4:30 a.m. and the Diner in Adams Morgan is so swarming it has a roped-off line of people watchful to cranky a threshhold.

Seated during a bar, we squeeze an sequence of chili from Kat Gilliland, 31, a former paralegal. Gilliland, who prefers a Diner’s bacon and blue cheese burger or bacon-wrapped meatloaf,starts her change during 9:45 p.m. That’s before a place “pops” between 1:30 and 2:30 a.m.

I ask her if she gets any difficulty from a vast groups that fill a behind area.

“Most of a time we’re fine,” Gilliland says. “But one time, a milkshake was thrown. Hit a lady during a bar on a head. We had to call an ambulance.”

Otherwise, she’s enjoying herself. “I’d rather understanding with dipsomaniac people than soccer moms and yelling kids.”

“Amen,” says another waitress nearby.

7220 Columbia Pike, Annandale, Va.

Sometimes diners with greasy American food won’t cut it, and a expostulate to squeeze some

great Korean griddle is in order.

Honey Pig has a fun late-night vibe. Televisions looping upbeat Korean song videos are blustering in each corner. On a Saturday, after 2 a.m., I’m fast seated, and nominal banchan (Korean side dishes) arrives within minutes.

The restaurant’s conduct selling manager, Hanna Kuark, says she once witnessed a matrimony offer in a center of dinner. we gamble it was desirous by a menu. As is customary, we sequence from beef selections that were delivered that day and sliced on a premises. My waitress after cooks it on a griddle right on a table.

The food isn’t as inexpensive as many 24/7 options (spicy pig swell and bulgogi for dual ran some-more than $30), though a dish and a use are really value it.

Other all-night options: Tastee Diner in Silver Spring and Bethesda, Md., and Bob Edith’s Diner in Arlington, Va.

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