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January 16, 2015 - Picnic Time

BOSTON (CBS) — If that was indeed a final we’ll ever see of Peyton Manning, afterwards we have to contend … what a bummer.

I’ll straightforwardly acknowledge that I’m not a right chairman to be singing a praises of Manning. As someone who was unequivocally many still flourishing adult and unequivocally many a fan around a spin of a century, indicating and shouting and reveling in a disaster of Peyton was a tack of my teenage years. There’s no erasing that.

Yet over a years, many like with Derek Jeter, we mature into an adult and a veteran and all of that. You turn someone who can conclude greatness.

And for as fun as it competence be infrequently to suffer a grin or dual during ol’ Peyton’s expense, and for as many as we would never wish him to be quarterbacking my group in January, there’s no denying that he’s a many inclusive passer in a game’s history. That’s not adult for debate. He’s thrown a many touchdown passes of all time, he’s second in completions and yards, third in passer rating and third in yards per game. He’s a single-season record hilt for flitting touchdowns with 55, aka 5 some-more than anybody else, and he also owns a single-season record for flitting yards with 5,477.

He’s a choker and he wilts and he crumbles and all of that, sure, nonetheless he’s also a all-time personality in game-winning drives AND fourth-quarter comebacks. He’s also won 177 of a 256 regular-season games he’s started.

So for as fun as it competence be to watch him travel off a margin with his conduct hanging, his arms in his small pouch, and his group about to lose, there’s no arguing that a past 17 years in a NFL have been improved given of Manning’s presence.

Perhaps I’m wrong, though, and maybe a awful playoff detriment is accurately how Manning’s career should end. That is, after all, a approach all nonetheless one of his seasons have finished given 2002. He’s strictly 11-13 in a playoffs, where his TD-to-INT ratio drops from 2.26-to-1 down to 1.58-to-1. He led a top-scoring Colts into New England in a ’03 and ’04 playoffs and put adult a total 17 points in a dual games, both losses. In those dual seasons, he had thrown 78 touchdowns and usually 20 INTs, nonetheless in those dual games, he threw one touchdown and 5 picks. He threw an interception to remove a Super Bowl, he looked godawful final year in a Super Bowl, and in a postseason run when he did win a Super Bowl, he threw usually 3 touchdowns nonetheless 7 interceptions in 4 games. Nine times he’s finished it to a playoffs, usually to remove a usually diversion he’s played.

So, OK, yeah, sure, fine. we was wrong. What took place Sunday afternoon in Denver was exactly how Manning’s career should have ended. Provided he doesn’t lapse — and does he demeanour even remotely means of personification another deteriorate in a NFL? — a final picture we’ll have of Manning is of a male who built a Hall of Fame career relying on his laser, rocket arm nonetheless could not adjust in a smallest to any adverse conditions. Whether that means rain, snow, wind, or as it has been for several years, a serious decrease in arm strength, Manning has never been a many volatile quarterback a joining has ever seen. And as a result, he competence be done.

Alas, there will be time to write about a finish of Manning’s career. For now, there are 4 teams that still devise to play some some-more football this year. Let’s speak about their games now, shall we?

(Home group in caps; Wednesday lines)

Green Bay (+7.5) over SEATTLE
I’m unusually gratified that we’re removing to see Green Bay-Seattle, given that’s what we were ostensible to get. Granted, it took a blessing from a rulebook gods for a Packers to be means to barely survive a Cowboys, nonetheless we’ve gotten a matchup we’ve expected.

To be sure, folks will be bringing adult a Week 1 assembly between these dual teams, nonetheless come on — that diversion was played 5 lifetimes ago in terms of NFL years.

What indeed is relevant from that Week 1 matchup is that there’s 0 possibility that Aaron Rodgers avoids Richard Sherman again. That was a terrible devise then, and teams have proven this year that Sherman is not invincible. You can chuck to his side. (Unless you’re Colin Kaepernick and you’re bad during throwing passes. Then we competence wish to usually tuck it and run.)

For as many as we had my worries final week about Rodgers’ calf, and for as many as we still trust Seattle will win this game, we unequivocally onslaught to prognosticate a unfolding where it’s not a tighten game.

The Seahawks have been positively widespread given Week 12, permitting usually eight points per game. But that came opposite some truly toxic scoring offenses — a third-ranked Eagles were a usually genuine competition, while a rest of a list enclosed dual games opposite Arizona (24th), dual games opposite San Francisco (25th), and one diversion each opposite St. Louis (21st) and Carolina (19th). The quarterbacks they faced were Drew Stanton, Colin Kaepernick (twice), Mark Sanchez, Ryan Lindley, Shaun Hill and Cam Newton. Those quarterbacks own, respectively, a 28th, 20th, 18th, 34th* (*if Lindley qualified, he’d be passed last), 24th and 26th passer ratings in a league.


This isn’t to rip down a Seattle defense, given it is legit. But now they have to face Aaron Rodgers, who is somewhat improved than Ryan Lindley and Shaun Hill. He owns a No. 2 passer rating in a NFL, and a Packers possess a No. 1 scoring offense in a league.

Even nonetheless some of a Seahawks’ victories newly have looked rather easy, this one certainly will not.

I’m not putting too much batch into a fact that a Seahawks indispensable about 50 mins of football before they could apart themselves from a 7-8-1 Panthers. There is something to be pronounced about a decay cause entrance off a bye, confronting an defective competition when we know we can sleepwalk your approach to a win during home. we design things will be many some-more frail this weekend.

And given a approach DeMarco Murray sliced by that Green Bay invulnerability final week, we trust a Seahawks’ best march of movement will be a solid sip of Marshawn Lynch. That will meant prolonged drives that gnaw adult clock, and it will also forestall a measure from ever removing out of hand.

Final Score: Seahawks 24, Packers 21

And now, given we managed to contend a lot of foolish things notwithstanding usually 4 games being on a report final week, we give we some Ridiculous Quotes From Last Week’s Picks.

RQFLWP, Part I: “The Patriots aren’t losing this game. It won’t even be close.”

Note: Um. Err. Well. About that.

RQFLWP, Part II: “For as fun as it was spending a final integrate of weeks of a deteriorate reading a career obituaries for Peyton, things aren’t utterly that apocalyptic right now for a Hall of Famer.”

Note: *hides conduct in contrition … afterwards decides to write a career necrology for Peyton*

RQFLWP, Part III: “When a Colts strike a highway and face a group that is indeed good during football, they get run over.”

Note: At this point, we usually have to admire a fact that we keep entrance behind here to make picks, deliberation a resources of justification that we should have stopped years ago. Though we could legitimately make a evidence that a Broncos were not unequivocally good during football final weekend. Bam! Just like that, I’ve got my mojo back!

NEW ENGLAND (-6.5) over Indianapolis
I know what’s function this week, and I’m not going to tumble for it. I’ve been around for too prolonged to not commend it.

Here’s what’s going on: The Patriots, clearly a best group in a AFC, found themselves fighting tooth-and-nail opposite a obtuse (yet still tough) Ravens team. They hardly survived, and given of that, everybody’s being additional discreet with their expectations for Tom Brady’s group this week.

“They hardly kick a Ravens, we design another tighten game.”

“As a deteriorate went on, a Colts usually Kept. Getting. Better.

“Any approach we cut it, a Colts are a Dangerous. Football. Team.

Oh, phooey.

Come on. Are my opinions of a Colts ostensible to change given of what happened final week in Denver? That thing looked like a preseason game. Peyton Manning couldn’t chuck a round past a line of scrimmage, and Andrew Luck heaved adult dual of a easiest interceptions I’ve ever seen a invulnerability make.

And if we consider those interceptions are magically going to stop popping adult on Sunday, you’re crazy. Luck has faced Bill Belichick’s group 3 times; he’s finished 70 of 130 passes (53.8 percent) for 6 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. He’s been sacked 5 times, and with usually 24 yards on 5 carries, he hasn’t been many of a rusher, either.

Thus distant in a immature quarterback’s career, his matchups opposite a Belichick-coached invulnerability have been finish beatdowns.

(Though in following in line with a biggest Colts QB in history, Luck has racked adult the flitting yards. He’s got 322 per game! Woohoo — stats!)

The Patriots kick a Colts in Indy dual months ago and ran them out of their possess building. Literally. Jonas Gray is a immature male who has gifted an endearing football journey nonetheless though has achieved good in a NFL for accurately 3 hours. Those 3 hours took place that night, when he ran for 201 yards and 4 touchdowns. He could not be stopped. Again, that’s Jonas Gray we’re articulate about. He’s not accurately Jim Brown.

And either it’s Gray or LeGarrette Blount, we don’t see any reason to trust a Colts would have an answer to stop a run. we further wouldn’t trust that a Patriots would be so predicted as to hurl with a same run-heavy diversion plan.

Nope, we consider they competence be meddlesome in utilizing Tom Brady, who threw 3 touchdowns final week and went 8-for-9 for 71 yards and a game-winning touchdown when he was corroborated adult opposite a wall and satisfied his deteriorate was unresolved in a balance. And really, a Patriots kick a Colts by 22 points in mid-November on a night when Brady finished dual mistakes — a back-foot beat before halftime and a low swell to Brian Tyms in triple coverage — that prevented a subjection from being even bigger than it was. Chances are, Brady won’t be creation those same mistakes twice.

I will acknowledge that in all honesty, though joking, a deficiency of Bryan Stork from use this week finished me recur this whole thing. But we don’t rush for 246 yards in one diversion given of usually one lineman, and if Cameron Fleming can lapse as a sixth lineman/full-time bulldozer, a Patriots can run usually fine.

There’s also nobody who can stop Rob Gronkowski, that is flattering many a credo each singular week. Sergio Brown will be additional encouraged after removing “thrown out of a club,” nonetheless we also wish to win a million dollars. Doesn’t meant it’s going to happen.

One thing we will contend for a Colts: Whatever is a over-under for yards for Colby Fleener, take a over. He competence collect adult 200 hundy. But it won’t matter.

Final score: Patriots 38, Colts 20

Last week: 2-2
Regular season:

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