Ice cocktail association establishes roots in Catonsville

November 11, 2014 - Picnic Time

Goat cheese, fig and spices aren’t reduction typically found in an ice cocktail — though one Catonsville proprietor is charity those surprising flavors in a summer treat, even as a continue grows cold.

“If we could go to Giant and be happy with a selection, we wouldn’t feel like we have to exist as a company,” pronounced Allison Bolten, 34, as she demonstrated how to make a icy treats in her kitchen on Devere Lane final week.

This tumble and winter, Bolten, owners of Picnic Pops, skeleton to work on branding her product to package and discharge in stores, before a icy treats grow renouned again during a open and summer months.

The all-natural, mostly organic, ice pops are done in Bolten’s kitchen.

Brown sugar, honey, vanilla, water, organic dates, thyme and rosemary simmered on a stove, producing a perfumed scent.

“It creates it a juicy syrup,” Bolten said, scheming another reduction of divert and goat cheese.

The dual mixtures were after total in a blender afterwards poured into molds.

The final product was an suddenly juicy multiple of flavors.

“The whole indicate is giving people a super yummy, honeyed adequate yield that has firmness — that is what it says it is,” pronounced Bolten, who changed to Catonsville in Jul from College Park.

“In unchanging ice cream lorry pops, there are food dyes that are proven to be bad for your health,” Bolten said. “Ours are unequivocally low in sugarine and unenlightened with fruit — so we feel good about it.”

Elder flower pear, rooibos maple, mocha, and pink and scotch are only some of a outlandish flavors offering by Bolten’s flourishing ice cocktail company.

Each cocktail is sole for $3 during festivals and farmer’s markets, with a reduced cost offering for bulk orders during catering events, Bolten said, adding, a association also offers some-more “universally acceptable” flavors like lemonade, pivotal orange pie, coconut apple and mango, for those with reduction brave palates.

Bolten pronounced a healthy product is for health-conscious relatives looking to yield their children with an choice to sweetened desserts.