In step with a (past) times; picnic’s featured eventuality a washout

May 10, 2015 - Picnic Time

LANSING Those who attended an initial Picnic of a Past eventuality during Lan-Oak Park on Saturday did not let a cold breeze and damp conditions stop them from carrying a good time.

Attendees enjoyed lunch and brotherhood underneath a park’s pavilion even yet a prominence of a afternoon – a selected bottom round compare between a Munster Centennials and a Lansing Brickmen – was called off due to slimy grass.

The eventuality was sponsored by a Lansing Historical Society and a Lansing Association for Community Events as a a approach to showcase opposite eras left by.

Different chronological societies from a area were invited to put adult displays and people were speedy to dress according to their favorite time duration and dance to song supposing by a DJ.

Barb Dust is curator of a Lansing Historical Museum and was among those unhappy a round diversion did not take place.

“We’ve finished it twice now in Autumn Fest and we only wanted another venue to do another selected bottom round diversion since it’s so most fun,” she said.

Dust pronounced selected bottom round (two difference in a ancient days spelling) has gained recognition opposite a nation and that it is played by 1858 rules — and mitts are not allowed.

Dust pronounced round is a really special tradition in Lansing and that a group called a Lansing Red Hots can be traced behind to a 1800s.

Old round uniforms from Lansing teams of a past were on display.

Barb’s husband, Richard Dust, was set to referee for what was going to be a rubber compare between a dual teams that had separate contests during a final dual Lansing Autumn Fests.

He pronounced a round used is somewhat incomparable than a unchanging round and substantially about as tough as a 16-inch softball.

“The thought of a diversion is a pitcher is ostensible to chuck a round where a hitter can strike it,” he said.

Jeff Schoettle, who plays for a Brickmen, concurred that personification by a 1858 manners formula in some-more of a “gentleman’s game.”

“It’s not as rival as we competence know round today,” Schoettle said. “The pitcher serves during a pleasure of a batter.”

Janet Sanders, of Thornton, attended along with members of a Thornton Historical Society and pronounced a Lansing Historical Society should be commended for a efforts in putting a Picnic of a Past together.

“It creates people conclude what went on during that time and a elementary things that were fun,” Sanders said.

Dan Cuthbert represented a Ford Hangar Foundation, that seeks to rehab a ancestral structure during a Lansing Municipal Airport.

He pronounced a eventuality was a approach of “taking story and branch it into something genuine for people.”

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