Is your train artsy adequate to underline in Electric Picnic’s Trailer Park?

February 8, 2018 - Picnic Time

Ireland’s many renouned song and humanities festival, Electric Picnic (EP), will be providing adult to 10 grants (of between €500 and €3,000) for designing, building and presenting your possess art train during a festival. For a brief window of time, artists and creators are given an event to let their artistic hair down.

People are speedy to spin a train (or something with wheels that can come and go) into something wonderful, and it will be given a home during EP in a mobile-tropolis ‘Trailer Park’.

Trailer Park is EP’s breakwater of waggish caravans and practical mobile homes that have been re-functioned. Collectively they emanate a capital of little venues, fun-clinics and oddity theatres.

Roz Jellett, artistic director, said: “In Trailer Park we unequivocally do set out to make people laugh, enthuse and engage. Projects that marry creativity, appearance and style. This foe loves a good host, so if we have a squad of friends who like to make people around we have fun, simply consider of how we competence do that in a many surprising way, and possibly inside or in front of a room on wheels.”

For a past 4 years, over 60 creators have been given grants. Organisers are looking for jubilant and bewildering caravan-based ideas to join a Park. Previous submissions have included:

  • To Let – A group of genuine estate agents perplexing to sell a hoary train to passers-by
  • Caravan Club Extravanaganza – a front side folds down to turn a theatre for bands
  • Garda check-point – a military outpost checking passers-by for inebriation
  • Crappervan – approbation one of them
  • Turbante – Brazilian common who dress people in turbans
  • Narnia – into a train and out a behind is a snowy kingdom
  • Tow Ho Ho – a train full of Christmas cheer, carols, and dipsomaniac Santa
  • Trailer Tower – a observation height in a train that is craned into a sky
  • Caravagina – a rebirthing experience
  • Redneck Wedding – a mobile home with a combine dwindle outward and an extended family within

Electric Picnic takes place from Aug 31st to Sep 2nd on a 600-acre estate of Stradbally Hall, Co Laois. Now in a 15th year, it mostly sells out before a choice is announced.

For a initial time, a festival is fluctuating a entice to applications from a United Kingdom.

The deadline for entries is Apr 15th. Most final decisions will be done by Apr 22nd, and succesful entrants will be told by Apr 29th.

For some-more information, hit Roz Jellet on Terms and conditions for entering can be found here. Electric Picnic’s website can be found on

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