Jo Cox always desired a good party. Let’s honour her with a large jubilee of Britain’s farrago and unity

February 22, 2017 - Picnic Time

That’s where Jo’s politics started on a streets of Batley, West Yorkshire. She believed that closer ties – where we know a neighbours, deposit in a communities and are means to keep an eye out for any other’s children – aren’t some reversion to a 1950’s though are a cornerstone of life in a nation today. 

Jo felt that this alliance was underneath hazard from a whole operation of things, either it was the amicable media froth that pull us deeper into a possess relate chambers, or a changing inlet of economics, heading to some-more uncertain and atomised operative environments, or a extremists, of all sorts, who fixate on disproportion and who find to order us.  

Jo pronounced in her lass debate in a House of Commons in 2015 that she believed that there was some-more that unites us than divides us, even in as different a place as Batley. 

But she disturbed that we find too few opportunities to concentration on what binds us and to applaud it. 

Whether it is elections, referendums or amicable media sparring, we find copiousness of opportunities to speak about things that we remonstrate with any other on, though distant too few occasions to applaud a things that move us together. So today, with a support of  the Duchess of Cornwall, we are environment out a plans. 

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