Joliet Girl Dies Trying to Save Younger Brother Swept Away in Kankakee River

May 31, 2016 - Picnic Time

Search efforts resumed in Wilmington Tuesday for a immature child who was swept divided in a Kankakee River with his comparison sister, who died perplexing to save him, military said.

Abiyail Arroyo, 13, was in a area for a family cruise celebrating a Memorial Day holiday when she and her 12-year-old hermit began personification circuitously a shoreline off South Island Park, military said.

Rescuers Search for Missing Boy After Sister Pulled From Kankakee River on Memorial Day

[CHI] Rescuers Search for Missing Boy After Sister Pulled From Kankakee River on Memorial Day

The child afterwards went into a H2O noted “no swimming” to hold a wall of a dam, though he got too tighten and was sucked in by a current, investigators learned.

His comparison sister Abiyail went in after him to save him, though afterwards was also pulled in, military said.

“The stream is intensely dangerous,” conspicuous Maxine Rich, a longtime internal to a area. “It would take we underneath in seconds.”

Emergency responders were called to a area, roughly 60 miles southwest of Chicago, only before 6 p.m. after receiving a news of people unsettled in a stream and incompetent to get out. 

Two brothers, Alvaro and Ramon Ibarra from Blue Island, were circuitously during a time and jumped into a H2O in an try to save a children, though a turmoil was so clever they finished adult carrying to be discovered themselves, military said. 

Alvaro Ibarra, 28, was means to squeeze a wire thrown by initial responders, while 25-year-old Ramon Ibarra was thrown out of a choppy waters and discovered from a shoreline.

Rescuers attempted to chuck a wire to 13-year-old Abiyail Arroyo, though she was unresponsive. They did eventually conduct to get her out of a water, though it was too late, authorities said. She was after conspicuous passed during a Joliet hospital.

“The dam produces that violent effect,” Deputy Chief Todd Friddle said. “That’s since we have a signs posted down there since it’s tough to get out of once we get into it.”

Water rescue teams searched for 3 hours into a night though were incompetent to find Abiyail’s 12-year-old brother.

While a stream is too dangerous to hunt overnight, military officers monitored a dam from a shoreline before resuming during 8 a.m. Tuesday morning.

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