Knoebels: Free-admission park still flourishing during 90

March 22, 2016 - Picnic Time

ELYSBURG — What is billed as America’s largest free-admission party park turns 90 this year.

Knoebels Amusement Resort has stretched severely given it non-stop on Jul 4, 1926, with a borrowed steam-powered merry-go-round, a pool and a few food stands.

One thing that hasn’t altered is a family ownerships. Company President and CEO Richard Knoebel and his hermit and Co-manager Ronald “Buddy” Knoebel are a third era to run a complex. Three members of a fourth era are now concerned in a park’s daily operation.

Today, a 45-acre trickery in Northumberland County has 63 rides, 35 food stands, a 900,000 gallon pool, present shops, games and attractions.

The series of rides and other amenities has some-more than doubled in a past 3 decades, pronounced Stacy Ososkie, a resort’s open family director.

And she records that a park’s food frequently wins accolades as being among a best party park food in a universe from sources trimming from and “Amusement Today.”  

Knoebels respected for best carousel, food among party parks

And, usually as it did when it opened, a park still offers giveaway admission, parking, cruise comforts and entertainment.

This off-season, Knoebels has placed a complicated importance on bettering a existent attractions features, Ososkie said.

Improvements done might not be as conspicuous as final year when a Impulse, a steel drum coaster on that riders are incited upside down, non-stop nearby a park entrance, she said.

“In general, there are 3 levels of improvements that are done during Knoebels,” Ososkie explained. One is a plan like a further of Impulse, she said.

The second is an ascent that would be beheld by park enthusiasts, such as an alleviation to a obvious building or ride, she said.

“The third is equally as important, though frequency tangible by a open – that is adding infrastructure to safeguard a destiny needs of a park can be met, and restoring structures or rides so that what we have now can exist for years to come,” she said.

By a time a review opens a weekend of Apr 30-May 1, upgrades will be finished on a series of structures including a wooden drum coasters, Haunted Mansion and food stands, Ososkie said.

It is approaching to be early summer before renovations to a laser tab diversion area are completed, she said. It is being doubled in distance and new apparatus installed, she said.

Replacement of a Galleon, a family bandit boat ride, also will not be finished by opening day, she said.

Knoebels readies newest drum coaster for opening day debut

The park, that is open usually weekends until Memorial Day, will horde a record series of special events — some-more than 25 — this season, Ososkie said.

In further to a party park, a review has dual campgrounds and a golf course.

“Knoebels is unapproachable to be a place all ages can suffer and is looking brazen to a subsequent 90 years,” Ososkie said.

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