Knox row clears approach for business park

December 22, 2015 - Picnic Time

After hours of contention Monday night, a Knox County Commission voted to rezone 345 acres for a business park that won’t be grown for years to come.

“What we’re determining is not for today,” Commissioner Brad Anders said. “It’s for 10 or 15 years from now.”

The opinion came with some village antithesis during Monday’s assembly as residents nearby a East Knox County skill spoke opposite a changes.

Before a rezoning vote, elect voted 10-1 to make a change to a zone plan, with Amy Broyles voting no. That paved a approach for a rezoning vote. Broyles also voted no on that item.

Commission Chairman Dave Wright, who represents a 8th District in that a land sits, pronounced it’s time to do something with a property.

“It’s time to do it or deprive it,” he said.

Ed Reed, who pronounced he lives a mile from a site, told commissioners that a area couldn’t hoop a 1,600 trucks likely to be entrance by a area, and that growth on a rotate during Interstate 40 and Midway Road isn’t needed.

“There are no trade lights and no streetlights,” he said.

“If we go out there right now, a usually lights you’ll see are your headlights.”

The projected business park site is reduction than a half-mile from I-40’s exit 402, with entrance from Midway Road and Thorngrove Pike. There’s a story of attempts to rezone and rise a land; a final try by The Development Corp. of Knox County was thwarted.

Bob Wolfenbarger, boss of a 8th District Preservation Association, sent a minute to commissioners before a assembly seeking that they repudiate a rezoning. Sinkholes, wickedness and complicated lorry trade were reasons Wolfenbarger against a development, according to his letter.

“This is about a fifth time I’ve been before we deliberating Midway Road in a final 15 years, and zero has changed,” Wolfenbarger told commissioners.

He pronounced that he believed a prior rezoning rejection meant a emanate was dead.

“We have been abused emotionally and financially,” Wolfenbarger said. “Most farmers don’t wish to run their cattle on a land since of a sinkholes.”

An try to rezone a skill scarcely 10 years ago was met with extreme antithesis by a village and eventually was incited over by courts.

Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett has pushed a reboot of a many stream plan.

Community meetings, a cruise grill dinner, a train discuss and overdo by Burchett and his staff preceded a rezoning vote.

Burchett has pronounced he is relying on trust fake between him and East Knox residents to benefit their support for growth nearby Midway Road.

The Metropolitan Planning Commission endorsed in Nov to rezone a land, though pronounced that internal submit would be indispensable as skeleton there progressed. With that recommendation, a village devise was required. That is approaching to start in early 2016.

“Your capitulation does not meant that a event for open discuss is over,” pronounced Todd Napier, boss of The Development Corp.

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