Kodiak Island competence not fit your standard picture of Alaska; it’s some-more like Montana during a beach

July 10, 2016 - Picnic Time

KODIAK, Alaska — As I done my approach to Kodiak Island’s Fossil Beach to watch surfers boyant a waves, tumble was in full force.

The atmosphere was crisp. Trees were embellished in shining hues of red and yellow by a inclined sun. we reached a grassy corner of a precipice where a highway stopped and footpaths plunged downward to a beach.

A dozen people in soppy suits were holding their play out onto a swells or entrance ashore. An unprotected embankment forced waves entrance from a south to mangle right and left.

Now and afterwards a clever riptide would take surfers around circuitously Narrow Cape, where gale-force winds stranded them along slight beachheads. Fortunately, Kodiak has one of a largest Coast Guard bases in a U.S.