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November 13, 2014 - Picnic Time



Landmarks guest sup on behind grass during Lapham-Patterson House.

Posted: Thursday, Nov 13, 2014 3:55 pm

Landmarks hands out annual awards

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THOMASVILLE — More than 225 Landmarks members and guest collected on drift of a Lapham-Patterson House to applaud Landmarks’ 46th annual Membership Picnic.

With a poise of tumble in a air, attendees toured a circa-1884 residence and listened to Bluegrass song by a Kenny Hill Band.

“We were gratified to be means to partner with The Museum of History to reason a annual autumn eventuality on a drift of this pleasing and singular house. The cooking and a gratifying punch were delicious. The whole dusk was positively charming,” pronounced Landmarks President Margret Brinson.

Guests also had a event to squeeze a recently expelled book Thomasville: History, Homes, and Southern Hospitality, a corner plan between Thomasville Landmarks and The Thomas County Historical Society and Museum of History.

Available during Landmarks and a Museum of History, a book showcases a singular pattern and story of a Thomas County area featuring breath-taking photography of some-more than 150 of Thomasville’s many pleasing homes and buildings. Copies also are accessible during several internal businesses in and around downtown.

The Annual Preservation Awards ceremony, customarily hold during a organization’s annual meeting, was conducted in tandem with a cruise and respected 9 projects that exemplified suggestive feat in preservation.

Awards cabinet authority Josephine Mullins presented winners with framed certificates and a one-year memberships to Landmarks.

Awards of Merit were given to Margo and Mitch Brown for reconstruction work of 335 E. Jefferson St. in Boston and to Plantation Petroleum for replacement of a use hire during a intersection of Broad Street and Gordon Avenue.

Achievement Awards for Contributing Additions to a Community were presented to a Thomasville City School System for a classroom further to MacIntyre Park Middle School, designed by Leon Lynn of a architectural organisation of Jinright, Ryan and Lynn, and also to Wanda Jean Butler for her efforts in building a Metcalfe Courthouse Memorial Park in Metcalfe.

Awards of Stewardship were given to a City of Boston and a Boston Historic Preservation Commission for replacement of a Boston Old Town Hall and to Thomasville Garden Club for efforts to say and urge a building and drift of Thomasville Garden Center.

The rite resolved with display of 3 Awards of Outstanding Achievement, Landmarks’ top respect for refuge projects.

The initial was given to Cadence Kidwell for a ancestral reconstruction of her blurb building during 223 W. Jackson St., that now houses her shop, The Fuzzy Goat. Kidwell was respected for rebellious a full-scale estimable reconstruction of a building, that recorded as many of a impression defining facilities as possible, including restoring an strange skylight.

Also receiving an Award of Outstanding Achievement were Renee and Clayton Moss for reconstruction of 109 Imperial Drive. The residence reflects a streamlined proceed to residential pattern in a mid-20th century, evocative of a Ranch residence movement, though contemporary in a interplay with a outdoor and nature.

The Mosses took good caring to see that a replacement defended a character-defining facilities of a residence — a openness, a use of potion and connectivity to a outside. At a same time, it was to be a home of a immature and expanding family, and indispensable updating. Completed in 2014, a prophesy of a Mosses demonstrates that a mid-century Ranch-inspired residence can keep a distinctive, impression defining features, while portion needs of an active 21st century family.

TNB Financial was famous for Outstanding Achievement for restoring 320 N. Broad St. Taking pattern cues from other Greek Revival- and Classically styled buildings, such as a adjacent Hardy Bryan House, a new gabled church front was combined during a project. The finished plan exemplifies how a residential building can be blending for a new use, while preserving and enhancing a architectural and character-defining facilities of a building.

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