Legendary Lower East Side Troll Museum Returning for Just One Week

August 16, 2016 - Picnic Time

The Lower East Side Troll Museum is one of those legends people who have lived in a area for decades will substantially never forget. A lady named Reverend Jen non-stop a museum in her little walk-up unit on Orchard Street in 2000, and it fast became a renouned philharmonic of only how delightfully uncanny a Lower East Side was.

Reverend Jen, however, was evicted from her unit in 2016 after being incompetent to compensate her lease and was given only 6 hours to collect all of her effects and memorabilia. As Reverend Jen herself describes this dim partial of her story:

But soon, dim days befell a Lower East Side. Gentrification (the routine of creation a once rockin’ area suck) took reason and a neighborhood’s quirky encampment of theaters and art stars fast became a frame mall for douchebags.

Luckily, a village space Chinatown Soup during 16 Orchard Street concluded to uncover her Troll Museum as a pop-up vaunt from Aug 16-August 23, featuring an audio debate with Moby narrating (downloadable on iTunes), a giveaway art school, a “Troll Hairdressing Party,” a “Prom,” a “Picnic,” and, of course, all a Trolls we could presumably imagine.

The sorcery opens Tuesday night during 7 p.m. and anyone is welcome. See a Facebook event for some-more details.

Image around Troll Museum Resurrection Facebook page

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