Letter: Meeting claimant was prominence of family picnic

September 26, 2014 - Picnic Time

To a Editor:
A few weeks ago, a Facebook organisation Keep Trumbull Real (KTR), hold a village cruise open to all of a scarcely 1,400 members. The organisation exists to give members a place to speak about “real” issues inspiring a town. What sets this organisation detached from others is that anything and all is adult for discussion, though limitation. We have a organisation of really ardent people and I’m gratified to contend a eventuality was a outrageous success.

One of a highlights of this cruise for me was assembly Tara Cook-Littman. She is now using for State Representative for a 134th district that covers tools of Fairfield and Trumbull. We’ve been Facebook friends for some time yet we met face-to-face for a initial time during this picnic.

The KTR cruise offering a laid-back sourroundings to get to know any other. we schooled about Tara’s passions (food nutrition, environmental insurance and education) by a healthy, GMO-free plate she brought to share; a kale and quinoa salad. It turns out she led a bid to pass Connecticut’s “first in a nation” GMO labeling law. Brava! we saw how critical children are to her, by a approach she interacted with her daughters and a other children personification together on a playground. This lady is an bland operative mom confronting a same issues and concerns as me, like healthy propagandize lunch choices for a kids.

Tara is not your normal politician; she is someone we can describe to. When we accommodate someone like Tara you’re not expected to forget it. She is enterprising and engaging. She didn’t come to a cruise to serve her campaign; there were no pins or handouts. Tara lives in Fairfield with her family though her loyalty to a city should make her an titular citizen of Trumbull. She is new to politics and Tara usually gets it. She is adult to speed about what a town’s needs and wants are and she will work on a interest to a border of her capacity.

I wish Tara Cook-Littman a best of fitness not usually in November, though always. Trumbull deserves someone like we in a corner. we wish to see we during a subsequent Keep Trumbull Real picnic.

Angela Bulkley

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