Letters to a Editor, Nov. 23, 2017: A happy band’s fun time atop El Castillo

November 22, 2017 - Picnic Time

A happy band’s fun time atop El Castillo

My “hat is off” in regard of Monterey Mayor Clyde Roberson for noticing a significance of Monterey in a Wars of Independence of her former colonies from Spain. Specifically, a possess “Burning of Monterey” by a Frenchman Hyppolite de Bouchard and his organisation of Argentinean and Hawaiian privateers who sacked Monterey for 6 days in 1818.

This past weekend, we and my happy rope of picnickers enjoyed a really fun time atop a ancestral Spanish site of El Castillo, a strange tiny installation fortifying Monterey in that 1818 advance and located during a newly renovated Lower Presidio Historic Park (LPHP), where we entirely enjoyed a fantastic perspective of a “invading” boat Lady Washington banishment off her cannons in a ridicule conflict below. Viewing a movement by a telescopes and entirely dressed in bandit regalia, we proudly waved a defensive Spanish and afterwards winning Argentinean flags while dozens of extraordinary onlookers assimilated us in a revelry, seeking for chronological insights and celebrating any and each cannon shot fired. The commanding Lady Washington looked fantastic even, with her cloth sails billowing about in a cannon fume as other, smaller boats surrounding her looked considerate and insufficient in comparison. But a grand time was had atop El Castillo.

Thank we also to a Old Monterey Foundation for a pursuit good finished with a LPHP’s chronological enhancements. We should get a word out about a LPHP as it truly has some of a best scenic views and cruise spots around.

— Robb Thomas Karman Pacific Grove

On root blowers, dogs, STRs and timber smoke

A robust “thank you” to a associate peaceful reader who recently commented about a root ventilator and dog problems here in “Dogtown” — aka Pacific Grove. we would supplement most can be pronounced too about dog barking problems. In my neighborhood, we use dog walkers as a tip off for spotting equally heavy humans: Our semi-resident STRs. The expel of new faces and their dogs flitting by daily helps us keep an register of a invaders. Is it OK to put adult a embankment and assign them as they go by? we guarantee to give a city half of it. Can we take photos of them?

Now that tumble has begun, we get to revisit or revisit a problem of overnight atmosphere pollution. Yep, only go outward and breathe a gloomy timber fume from all a fireplaces, woodstoves, etc. Don’t design a internal atmosphere wickedness folks to help. You can’t call and contend that your neighborhood’s atmosphere peculiarity is awful and design help. They design we to “rat out” your neighbors individually. Maybe we can bottle a particulate matter and sell that here in “Sellout City.”

— Mark D. Stotzer, Pacific Grove

President Clinton during slightest faced a consequences

There is gibberish out there re: if Hillary Clinton was president, would there be a accusations of passionate attack per high profiled people, such as Roy Moore or even Harvey Weinstein, observant that her husband, Bill Clinton with his possess such history, would be in a White House? we don’t consider it matters. Trump was taped observant horrendous, violating things opposite women. And a male that taped it got fired. Trump got into a White House. If Trump hadn’t been taped, “caught,” he’d have denied a conversation. Even Moore pronounced what “proof” did any of his accusers have? There will always be people out there that don’t request standards of firmness to themselves.

The disproportion between President Bill Clinton’s vs. Trump’s actions, is that Clinton faced a consequences, he stood there, televised, in front of a republic and took it. Not Trump. He only adds on and on and we do nothing. Yet he keeps bringing adult what Clinton did? Years ago? People adore gossip. Nothing is a tip nowadays. Is it improved to know? Only problem is, only as it caused disharmony during a 2016 election, it continues to detract from anything of value removing finished in a White House.

— Deyanne Sylliaasen, Pacific Grove

Foghorn Leghorn minute was a classic

It is a pleasure to start a day with a minute from Glenn Nolte. His Foghorn Leghorn take on Jeff Sessions’ new coming before a congressional questioning cabinet (Herald, Nov. 18) is a classic.

— Gene Rosenberg, Carmel Valley

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