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October 7, 2016 - Picnic Time

Our subsequent open house, and we wish everybody visits us, will be in and with a Marblehead Lighthouse Festival this Saturday, Oct 8. Our messenger beacon in Marblehead requested that we be open and we will happily do so. The Lighthouse will be open from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. this Saturday and docents will be accessible to yield we a story of a along with a tour.

What are we going to see subsequent during a Lighthouse?

There is some-more work we need nonetheless to do including a designation of palm rails for a stairs heading adult to a lighthouse, execution of walkways heading to those steps, manufacture a flagpole that will anchor one of a confidence cameras (when a beacon dwindle is drifting we will know we are open), and providing a few benches in a evident area. A few cruise tables have been done accessible as good yet primary cruise time is quick fading. Spring, however, is only around a corner, during slightest once winter ends.

How can we turn some-more involved?

Everyone is invited to turn a Keeper of a Port Clinton Lighthouse and we can join over 250 stream Keepers by completing an focus accessible on a website,, where we can also see a list of a stream Keepers.

Where can we get Lighthouse stuff?

We also have a garland of “stuff” and it is flattering good “stuff”. If we are meddlesome in holding a demeanour or purchasing some of a Port Clinton Lighthouse “stuff” we can find them accessible during a open residence on Oct 8 during a Lighthouse and also accessible during business hours during these locations (all in a Port Clinton business district):
•    Coffee Mugs with an picture of a Port Clinton Lighthouse-Coffee Express, 128 W. Second St.
•    Christmas Ornaments or Christmas Display of a Port Clinton Lighthouse-Wide World Shoppe, 130 Madison St,
•    T-Shirts commemorating a pierce of a Port Clinton Lighthouse on Sep. 16, 2016-Sew Much More, 124 W. Second St.
•    Matted Port Clinton Lighthouse Blueprints, Drawing of a Lighthouse Exterior-Northern Exposure, 136 Madison St.
•    Set of Four Coasters with images of Port Clinton Lighthouse-Lilly Gert’s, 122 W. Second St.
•    Jewelry fashioned from a aged copper roof and decking of a Port Clinton Lighthouse (designed and done by Tammy Almendinger)-Mary’s Blossom Shop, 125 Madison St.
•    Picture frames, sculptures, fish and birds and other things fashioned from a aged copper roof and decking of a Port Clinton Lighthouse (designed and done by Tammy Almendinger)-Unique Antique Jewelry Gifts, 206 Madison St.
•    Also, if we are a Lighthouse clean and looking for a stamp indicating we have seen a Port Clinton Lighthouse, go to a Port Clinton Chamber of Commerce, 110 Madison St.

See everybody on Saturday, Oct 8, between 11 a.m.-4 p.m. during a Port Clinton Lighthouse. You can’t skip us, we are a white building with a cupola sitting only north of Derby Pond along Perry Street in Port Clinton. We will keep a light on for you.

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