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January 8, 2015 - Picnic Time

LAYTON — The unclothed spots on a bureau wall prove Layton Police Chief Terry Keefe is scheming to go somewhere. But a American dwindle posted behind him says he will sojourn committed to justice, carrying served as a “guardian” for a public.

After a 43-year career in law enforcement, a 62-year-old Keefe, who credits his immature looks to genes, is timid to southern Utah with his family.

“It’s usually time. It’s been a good ride. Fun and sad,” Keefe said. “There will be times that we will skip it.”

The dark-mustached, stoic-looking Keefe, who was to be supposing a retirement accepting during Layton City Hall on Thursday afternoon, says that accepting would be his final central act of business.

“It’s a large time detriment for Layton City,” Mayor Bob Stevenson said. “We will skip his leadership, creation and his ability to take Layton City to a subsequent level.”

“Filling his boots will be difficult,” pronounced Stevenson, who would rather see Keefe stay.

On Wednesday, Keefe, who walked march routes rather than expostulate them, sat down and reminisced with a Standard-Examiner about his law coercion career, that began during Lagoon and finished in Layton, where he has been handling a dialect of about 140 employees, including channel guards.

His initial confidence pursuit came in 1972 portion as a deputized Farmington City marshal, with his summer feet section kick holding in a Lagoon Amusement Park, Keefe said. There, he would follow bone-head smokers from a cruise terraces that once stood during a behind of a park.

“I got in good figure walking around a park,” Keefe said, who served as a Farmington organise in 1972-73, before holding a pursuit with what was afterwards a Davis/Morgan Narcotics Strike Force.

Keefe remained with that section for about 5 years before holding a pursuit with a Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office, where one of his clandestine arrests enclosed convincing a meth writer to prepare meth in an dull building that adjoined a bureau of a strike force. The peculiar resources surrounding that prick operation landed Keefe on a cover of The Globe, a inhabitant tabloid, and a consider 10 years in a sovereign prison.

From Salt Lake County, Keefe done a burst to sergeant with what was afterwards a newly shaped West Valley City.

With a West Valley City Police Department, Keefe reached a arrange of military chief. But being a Layton resident, and a father of dual immature children, he said, he practical for and was offering a pursuit in 1999 to be a Layton military chief.

”The day we walked in, we knew this was going to be a good place to work,“ he said.

But a Covina, California native, who creatively came to Utah to attend propagandize during Southern Utah University in Cedar City, usually to after connoisseur with a bachelor’s grade in rapist probity from Weber State University, famous a pierce would embody ”a lifestyle change“ as a outcome of going from a incomparable city to a smaller city, with a dialect with about one-third a series of sworn officers.

The Layton Police Department now has 78 sworn officers on staff.

Layton positively practice a same form of crimes, he said, though not with a rule that West Valley City was during that time.

But one crime Layton did experience, a many perplexing box he has ever been a partial of, Keefe said, was a 2010 murder of 4-year-old Ethan Stacey.

”I would have favourite to see a genocide chastisement given to both (Nathanael and Stephanie Sloop),“ Keefe pronounced of a child’s parents. But a life judgment for a both of them will give them time to consider about what they did to a woman’s immature son, he added.

What was satisfying, Keefe said, is a ”rock plain case“ his officers helped put together in convicting a Sloops.

“It will perpetually haunt a memory of those officers concerned in that case,” he pronounced of a hideous discoveries compared with a heartless murder of a child.

In retiring, Keefe also overwhelmed easily on either officers wearing physique cameras will solve a inhabitant passion holding place per a public’s honour for law coercion officials, and a open notice that  police are apropos militaristic.

Keefe pronounced he is not a personal fan of dark-painted section cars, since they are prohibited during a summer, formidable to keep purify and can seem to be aggressive. Regarding a BearCat armored car acquired by a Davis County Sheriff’s Office, he views that as a rescue section should a military officer be bleeding or be entrance underneath glow by a suspect. If a BearCat had a appurtenance gun trustworthy to a turret, he said, that might be noticed as militaristic.

Keefe pronounced a rush to carrying officers wear physique cameras is not going to be a cure-all a open thinks it will be.

The camera will yield usually one-dimensional footage, and not offer a three-dimensional perspective of a occurrence as it is fast unfolding, Keefe said. The physique cameras might also poise a “chilling effect” when it comes to some people coming an officer, he said. But Keefe stressed he does not conflict a use of physique cameras.

Asked what he will tell members of his dialect on his final day, Keefe replied, “How unapproachable we am of them and how assured we am that we am going to be means to travel out that door…, assured come Friday that this dialect will continue to duty during an especially-well behaving turn and they not skip a beat.”

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