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February 4, 2018 - Picnic Time

British playwright, author and brief story writer, William Somerset Maugham once said, “There are few things so pleasing as a cruise eaten in ideal comfort.” And this is accurately a form of knowledge that Gabriel and Kerry- Ann Bryant aim to yield for their clients by Picnic-Perfect Ltd.

Based in Couva, a immature integrate are dynamic to spin their fledgling business into what they wish will turn a main-stay on everyone’s lips in a not too apart future.

Accidentally anticipating her entrepreneurial passion on a approach to completing her engineering grade during a University of a West Indies, a 28-year-old mom of an 18-month aged child laughed aloud as she explained, “Based on what we tell us we want, we put it together and conform it to fit a integrate or family’s tastes.”

Describing Picnic-Perfect Ltd as a full-service association specialising in outward dining experiences, Bryant advised, “Our aim is to emanate an innovative, instant, hassle-free knowledge for a clients, and one that will transcend even their prophesy of a event.”

With their goal and values revolving around their clients, Bryant pronounced their tagline is “Redeem Time Recapture Fun.”

She pronounced it centered around Picnic- Perfect Ltd holding on a con of logistics and aesthetics in sequence to concede a customer and their desired ones to relax and concentration on spending peculiarity time with any other.

The 28-year-old operative claimed, “Basically, we do micro-events.”

“Yes, it’s a cruise and many persons would consider it is only a sweeping and basket outdoors, though to us it needs to demeanour superb so we provide it as a mini event.”

Wanting to redefine a judgment of what a cruise is, Bryant pronounced they now offering 3 opposite packages—romance, family and group.

The intrigue packages are extended to embody proposals, dates and anniversaries; with family fun packages and special offerings for vast groups wanting to only have fun and bond outward of a workplace.

Bryant pronounced clients are giveaway to only uncover adult to a plcae where all has already been set up, finish with games, food and drinks.

“We only wish them to have fun and relax though a con of anticipating food, shopping drinks and cleaning up.”

She added, “It can be elementary and fun or as impracticable as we wish it to be.”

Although they can support for a limit of 25 persons right now, Bryant pronounced they were already creation moves to grow a business as a direct for their services seemed to be flourishing incrementally.

Delving into how Picnic-Perfect Ltd was born, Bryant said, “We took a initial family vacation only as a son incited 5 months.”

“During that time, everywhere we went, it was only literally a touch-down and we didn’t get to spend any time together as a family.”

“We were always only interlude for food and hustling to a end before rushing off again so we hardly got to see a place before carrying to leave again.”

She recalled, “We went to a pleasing park tighten to lunch-time though we had to leave to get food and a nearest place was a 30 to 40 notation drive, so unnecessary to contend we never returned there.”

Bryant added, “We indispensable to find a resolution and it was this that done us realize we indispensable to find a resolution where we could strech matriarch place, relax as a family section and also have fun though worrying about anything in between.”

She said, “Quality time, family time and reconnecting with one another is what this is about.”

Confirming they have been receiving certain feedback so far, Bryant pronounced they have been told time and again that, “We don’t assign enough.”

She pronounced partial of ensuring a successful outcome was removing to know their clients likes and dislikes because, “This is not simply a cruise on Sunday, though it’s being specifically designed for so and so, who have been married for however prolonged or will be celebrating a birthday.”

Bryant pronounced partial of a routine was seeking clients to fill out a petition – from that they reap information around that to conform a picnic.

Still removing accustomed to sophistry her many roles as a wife, mom and entrepreneur, Bryant pronounced a tip to their success was training when and how to gaunt on any other.

She said, “Over a final integrate months as we finished my Masters in Production Management during UWI, he fundamentally took adult a whole night shift.”

“He confirmed a residence and hold it together while we got to combine on my studies.”

Bryant continued, “In terms of picnics, a son customarily comes with us and in that case, we customarily move along his uncle or godmother to keep him assigned while we set up.”

She pronounced this enabled them to concentration on environment adult as per their clients wishes, though also authorised for peculiarity time as a family as they are never serve divided than a 30-minute expostulate from a cruise location.

Bryant pronounced they mostly stayed tighten in sequence to idle and collect their things following a event, that can start from $630.

Among a locations they have staged picnics during is a Botanical Gardens, Samaan Park, Chaguaramas; Palmiste Park; San Fernando Hills; Country Haven Farm, Guayaguayare; Lopinot; Las Cuevas Beach; Heritage Inn; and San Antonio Farms.

Armed with a blazing enterprise to enhance a business to offer tours where clients can knowledge a oppulance knowledge during a sold location, Bryant pronounced they also wanted to settle a informal presence.

The ultimate aim she claimed, “Was to get people to delayed down and indeed suffer life.”

Including interactive games specifically designed for clients as another approach to get persons to put down their cellphones/IPads and indeed speak and interface with any other, Bryant pronounced it was about compelling review and dialogue.

With Valentine’s Day quick approaching, Bryant pronounced they were bustling organising an eventuality for 5 couples during a plcae in Santa Cruz.

Concluding that she and her father were not defence to a pressures of home, work and business, Bryant pronounced there were times when they had to consciously take a step behind and re-focus their courtesy on themselves as a couple, that also helped to move them closer to their query to make life one large happy picnic.

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