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May 4, 2016 - Picnic Time

When Mendota Heights military Sgt. Eric Petersen indispensable to collect adult his new fridge this past March, he borrowed a city vehicle.

Petersen even got assistance relocating it — from dual city public-works employees who were on a time and being paid.

The control caused someone in a military dialect to complain, call an inner city review that wrapped adult final month — with no discipline of the employees or their supervisors.

Although inappropriate, Petersen’s actions did not arise to a turn of a rapist offense, according to a news of a investigation’s findings. They did, however, strew light on what is described in a news as a “broad emanate per use of open resources” by city employees.

“Past use that is common within a enlightenment of a City of Mendota Heights has been a City has authorized or unofficially condoned a use of City apparatus or vehicles for singular private use,” City Administrator Mark McNeill wrote in a report.

Police Chief Mike Aschenbrener told McNeill, according to a report, that city employees many times have borrowed collection or other city apparatus — including wet-dry vacuums, LED projectors, tables and chairs.

Moreover, McNeill wrote, “I was also wakeful … that there have been employees who have brought personal apparatus to a Public Works garage to work on projects there.”

McNeill, who has been with Mendota Heights given 2014, called a use of city apparatus “a common expectation” for some employees and pronounced a process is being combined to diminish it.

“Obviously we wish to make certain that we have good use of a resources,” he pronounced in an talk this week. “And when we find something that has not been that, we wish to make certain that gets fixed.”


According to a report:

Petersen, who met with McNeill about a censure Apr 6, pronounced he had bought a fridge from a crony in Apple Valley and checked into renting a pickup lorry with a lift embankment to get it to his residence in Burnsville.

Because he couldn’t find one, he asked Public Works Supervisor Terry Blum if he could steal a city’s truck.

“Terry told him that he could have a truck, and he would get dual Public Works employees to assistance him,” a news reads.

When interviewed, Blum told McNeill and Public Works Director John Mazzitello that he insincere Petersen was borrowing a lorry for a military department, not personal use.

As a result, he pronounced he gave a go-ahead and asked Public Works worker Nick Courteau to assistance and pierce along another employee.

“Eric Petersen could have been clearer in his ask to Terry Blum per a reason for his request,” McNeill wrote.

Blum has been with a city’s open works dialect given 1976, a superintendent given 2014.

Courteau, meanwhile, told McNeill that he didn’t know they were assisting Petersen with a personal smoothness until they met him in Apple Valley and were told a fridge was not going to a military department.

Meanwhile, Petersen pronounced he took an hour of accrued comp time while removing a refrigerator; a review reliable he was on a time that day for 7 hours, not a common 8 hours.

However, Courteau and a other open works worker — Cliff Kirchner — were being paid.


For Petersen, who has been with a military dialect given 2000 and a sergeant given 2010, this is not a initial time he has been a concentration of a city investigation.

An review was launched in 2012 after some Mendota Heights officers indicted Petersen and others of burglary and pronounced that arch Aschenbrener knew of it and incited a blind eye.

The allegations concerned a dismissal of a cruise list from a former Lilydale Tennis and Health Club in 2008; a blank Drug Task Force rigging bag in 2010; and a blank cellphone in 2011.

According to an review report, Petersen, along with another officer, a military novice and city workers, took a cruise list since of concerns it could be used by “squatters” during a Republican National Convention in St. Paul.

The list was placed nearby City Hall and after used during a grill for city workers. It was returned shortly after a barbecue, apparently but anyone compared with a tennis bar meaningful it was gone.

The investigation, rubbed by a Carver County attorney’s office, showed no justification of rapist intent. As for a blank bag and a cellphone, a attorney’s bureau resolved there was no authorised basement for rapist charges.

The investigation did lead to a lawsuit filed opposite a city by Mendota Heights military officer Scott Patrick, who indicted Aschenbrener and others of nuisance and workplace plea after Patrick reported a purported burglary of a table.

Patrick, who sought indemnification in additional of $75,000, purported violations of a Minnesota Whistleblower Act and Peace Officer Discipline Procedures Act in a polite lawsuit filed in Feb 28, 2014, a small some-more than 5 months before he was shot and killed during a trade stop.

In Sep 2015, Patrick’s widow and a city reached a settlement; on interest of a city, a League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust paid $50,000 — $28,786.40 to Michelle Patrick and $21,213.60 to her attorneys.


Sandra Krebsbach (Submitted photo)
Sandra Krebsbach (Submitted photo)

Reached Tuesday, Mayor Sandra Krebsbach called Petersen’s latest actions “stupid.”

She pronounced she was not wakeful of employees regulating city vehicles and apparatus for personal use until a inquisitive news came out.

“That has not done it to a mayor,” she said. “I’m (at City Hall) once a week — from 8 to 9 o’clock Thursdays — and people can tell me everything. we consider we have a new staff now that aren’t gentle with this and that’s since this is surfacing. we say, hats off to them” for vocalization out.

Considering a cruise list investigation, she said, she is “astounded” by a latest investigation.

“All a pain and anguish this city has left by commencement with that cruise table, and now we have another use of a vehicle,” she said. “But we don’t wish to criticism on that — that seemed like only a mistake, an blunder of judgment, meditative they’d make good use of a cruise table. That’s over. But for him now to have a lorry and enroll dual open works people to pierce his possess fridge since he couldn’t get a let … we have one word for that … and that is stupid.”

McNeill, a city administrator, pronounced he is holding meetings with all city employees to review a formula of conduct. He also is essay a policy per a use of city apparatus and vehicles.

It should not even be needed, Krebsbach said.

“Most people with common clarity know that we don’t use supervision equipment,” she said. “You shouldn’t have to have somebody review a process to you, quite if you’re a military officer.”

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