Mercedes unveils new all-electric oppulance coupé judgment with over 200 miles of operation and 350 kW charging

August 19, 2016 - Picnic Time

Study of an ultra-stylish luxury-class coupé: The ultimate in luxury: Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6

Stuttgart/Pebble Beach. Every Aug classical automobile fans from around a universe intersect on Pebble Beach in California for a really special beauty contest. This entertainment of pretentious classical cars is a ideal place to premiere a disdainful Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6, a marvellous luxury-class coupé. The 2+2‑s eater is a loyalty to a stately age of a aero coupés and consciously carries this tradition brazen into a future. The coupé reinterprets classic, romantic pattern beliefs in an impassioned way, following a Mercedes pattern truth of erotic purity.  

The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6, that measures roughly 6 metres in length, is designed as an electric car. The expostulate complement has an outlay of 550 kW (750 hp). The shoal underfloor battery allows a operation of over 500 kilometres according to a NEDC (over 200 miles according to EPA).

The vast coupé is set to make a entrance during Monterey Car Week, that will take place on a Monterey Peninsula between 16 and 21 August 2016. The final eventuality on 21 August will be a Pebble Beach Concours D’Elégance.

With a sensual, romantic pattern (“hot”) and intelligent sum (“cool”), a Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 represents a ultimate in luxury. The classical cultured proportions of a uncover automobile – a intensely prolonged bonnet, a low roof line and a rearward positioning of a hothouse – remember a aero coupés of days left by. But this is not retro pattern – this is a reinterpretation of classic, cultured principles.

At a same time a pattern is something suddenly new – cool, technoid and reduced. This is exemplified by a aerodynamically intelligent simple shape. Even though aids such as spoilers, a airflow hugs a contours of a automobile physique and usually breaks divided really late during a tail finish of a vehicle. Then there is a surprisingly technoid impression of a slight lights, a partially pristine rims and a separate back window.

“Our glamorous coupé, a Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6, represents a ultimate in contemporary luxury. It is prohibited and cool”, states Gorden Wagener, Head of Design during Daimler AG. “With a intelligent interest and reduced, technoid look, it ideally embodies a pattern truth of erotic virginity and a office of aerodynamic efficiency”.

Reinterpretation of classic, cultured principles: a extraneous design

Clearly tangible contours and organically done wings mount in contrariety to a neatly drawn, extended underline line on any side that defines a tip automobile physique from a radiator grille opposite a whole length of a automobile to a rear. Below this, a categorical physique has a bulging, robust look, fluctuating opposite a whole flank. There is also a distinguished contrariety between a Maybach red paintwork and a chrome strips that lay above a circle arches and in a centre of a carp and foot lid.

A reinterpretation of a Mercedes-Maybach radiator grille with a fine, straight struts accentuates a front end. The grille was desirous by a pinstriped suit. The radiator grille rests on dual aerodynamically done supports on a outdoor right and left of a bumper.

The sold 24-inch wheels are a growth of a aero edge from a Concept IAA (Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile). A pristine defense in a automobile colour provides a perspective of a aluminium spokes behind it.

A serve prominence is supposing by a gullwing doors, a hallmark Mercedes pattern component that has been brought adult to date. They underline a sporty impression of a vehicle’s conformation and underline innovatively designed aluminium trim. The extraneous mirrors designed as cameras are upheld on a wings.

The extended, turn “boat tail” format of a Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6’s back recalls a oppulance yacht, and slight tail lights that emphasize a breadth of a automobile are integrated in a outdoor edges. Above this lay a dual intensely shoal back windows (“split window”). Further sold facilities during a back consolidate a diffuser with aluminium support and a atmosphere outlets behind a circle arches.

Luxurious 360° loll featuring new materials: a interior design

The interior of a Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 is a singularity of comprehension and tension and combines normal Mercedes-Benz values with a new high-tech experience.

The dashboard wing curves opposite a doorway trim into a chair landscape, formulating a 360° lounge. The new “inside out” spatial pattern adds a sold hold of finesse. The sitting aspect forms a horizontal, that transitions into a straight of a doors and finally becomes a underside of a dashboard wing.

In serve to a issuing contours, a element combination produces a oppulance knowledge of a tip order. Authentic materials and colours such as rose bullion are used to emanate lush accents. The interior, with a high-quality leather trim, has a cold colour intrigue that ideally underlines a digital innovations. The sitting surfaces have a Chesterfield look. In a doors and dashboard a normal timber trim softens a coming of a digital control and arrangement interfaces. As a contrariety to a digital universe of a displays, elm is used in a building area, formulating a polished yachting look. Elm is a palest open-pore timber that Mercedes-Benz is now operative on for array use.

In a front luggage area of a Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 is a set of dual suitcases, exclusively total for a vehicle. Here too a designers have followed a sensual, pristine pattern jargon of Mercedes-Benz. Plenty of space has also been supposing for serve additions such as cruise accessories or personal items.

Dipping into a future: a alloy of analogue and digital experience

Ever given Mercedes-Benz invented a automobile 130 years ago, pushing has been a source of pleasure and delight. With a boost in digitisation comes a coexisting need for tolerable analogue solutions, a pattern of that has been emphasised and in places farfetched in a judgment car. In a Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 this can be seen above all in a “hyperanalogue” instruments with needles and circular, crystal-look displays.

The classical round instruments are total with low displays and act as a anxiety to a singular story of Mercedes-Benz. In contrast, other arrangement elements are digitally integrated into a continual potion trim part. Information about a seat, for example, can be shown on this digital strip. Map information is also shown in a front area of a strip. Menu calm is extended along a digital line that extends to a sides as distant as a occupants, who can set their possess calm ergonomically regulating hold control.

The front windscreen serves as a pristine display: driving-related information and geographical information is shown opposite a full width, augmenting a outward universe with additional information. This information can be tranquil and practiced by a occupants regulating gestures.

The oppulance padded leather upholstery is a sold highlight. Its normal demeanour is total with destiny record here – a buttons that would routinely be embellished in leather have been transposed in a upholstered surfaces by tiny “body sensor displays”. These indicate a passengers and monitor, for example, their critical functions. As a result, comfort facilities such as chair meridian or a massage function, for example, can be activated or a chair settings practiced to a passenger. The sensors embedded in a upholstery also record a occurrence of light, a colour of a occupant’s wardrobe and a ambient temperature. This information can be used to trigger new, romantic lighting effects in a interior.

The judgment automobile aims to consolidate a ultimate in luxury, and this is underlined by a fact that a motorist can switch to digital/autonomous mode. Another prominence is offering by a floating, pristine centre tunnel, that visualises a expostulate system’s electrical appetite upsurge for a occupants.

Emission-free driving: electric expostulate complement generating 550 kW (750 hp)

The side sills, bright by LED light strips, clearly underline a fact that a Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 is designed as an electric car. Thanks to a 4 compress permanent magnet synchronous electric motors, it facilities all-wheel drive. The outlay of a expostulate complement is 550 kW (750 hp). The shoal underfloor battery has a serviceable ability of approx. 80 kWh. This not usually allows opening characteristics customary of a sports automobile (acceleration from 0‑1 00 km/h in underneath 4 seconds, tip speed electronically governed during 250 km/h) though also a operation of over 500 kilometres according to a NEDC (over 200 miles according to EPA).

Vision: supplement an additional 100 kilometres to a operation in only 5 minutes

The quick-charge duty is also visionary: as a outcome of DC charging formed on a CCS standard, a complement allows an considerable charging ability of adult to 350 kW. In only 5 mins adequate energy can be charged to grasp an additional operation of around 100 kilometres.

The battery can possibly be charged around a wire tie during a open charging hire or a required domestic opening or, for even some-more convenience, it can be charged wirelessly, around an electromagnetic field.

The wow effect: idealist uncover cars with long-term prospects

With a considerable dimensions, a Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 (length/width/height: 5700/2100/1328 millimetres) is a initial oppulance coupé in a array of idealist pattern uncover cars from Mercedes-Benz. These consolidate a Vision EnerG‑Force (Los Angeles, November 2012), AMG Vision Gran Turismo (Sunnyvale, 2013) and Vision Tokyo (Tokyo, 2015). Thanks to a tellurian inlet of a Mercedes-Benz Design function, these judgment vehicles take cues from internal trends in design, enlightenment and mobility and make these a focal indicate of a particular mobility concept. At a same time these uncover cars are looking distant into a future.

Mercedes-Maybach: soundness blends with exclusivity

Mercedes-Maybach stands for a ultimate in exclusivity and individuality. The aim organisation is done adult of status-oriented customers. The stream vehicles consolidate a Mercedes-Maybach S 500 and S 600 models, launched in February 2015, that mix a soundness of a Mercedes-Benz S‑Class with a exclusivity of Maybach. A special insurance version, a Mercedes-Maybach S 600 Guard, is a world’s initial newcomer automobile to accommodate a tip ballistic insurance turn for municipal vehicles, VR10.

The many new indication is a Mercedes-Maybach S 600 Pullman with face-to-face seating. Launched during a commencement of 2016, it adopted a layer of comprehensive top-of-the-line model.

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