Microsoft Reminds Us What Most Gamers Really Think Of Women At GDC

March 19, 2016 - Picnic Time

Microsoft had an primitive summary for womanlike gamers during this week’s four-day 2016 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco—namely, TOGTFO. The tech huge done a reckless, despite entrenched, pierce during Saturday’s Xbox eventuality wherein they featured women in barely-there costumes, dressed like prepubescent Catholic propagandize girls, to hail their primarily masculine partygoers. And not everybody was thrilled.

Several attendees took to Twitter to atmosphere their frustration. Most notably, Kamina Vincent posted a array of ideal tweets in response.

Vincent and others were discerning not to place censure on a dancers, who were there to do a job. The error here lies precisely with Microsoft, who designed a event. “[The dancers] introduced herself and asked if we were carrying fun,” Vincent told The Huffington Post. “I asked what her purpose was during a party. She told me that they had been hired to pronounce with attendees and inspire them to a dance floor.”

After receiving a fast backlash, Microsoft went into spin control late Saturday. Xbox arch Phil Spencer sent an emil to The Verge, explaining that a GDC eventuality in doubt “was not unchanging or aligned to a values,” and pronounced Microsoft would do improved in a future.” His matter reads:

At Xbox-hosted events during GDC this past week, we represented Xbox and Microsoft in a approach that was not unchanging or aligned to a values. It was unquestionably wrong and will not be tolerated. we know we unhappy many people and I’m privately committed to holding ourselves to aloft standards. We contingency safeguard that farrago and inclusion are executive to a bland business and core values. We will do improved in a future.

Oddly enough, that really same day Microsoft sponsored a Women in Games lunch.

As we should know, sexism in gaming is kind of a large understanding right now. Women are underrepresented. The #gamergate movement’s harassment of womanlike gamers. Online gaming communities. Men dominating a diversion growth arena. And on. And on.

After a Microsoft-Xbox fallout, Boing Boing’s Xeni Jardin acted a smashing doubt to Microsoft, asking, “What summary should women take from fuckme schoolgirl dancers during your #GDC party?”

Microsoft has nonetheless to respond to her.

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