Midewin speed offers up-close perspective of bison

April 19, 2016 - Picnic Time

The bison during Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie have already captivated a lot of courtesy as they graze among their 500-acre pasture, though special events and trails will make observation them easier.

The U.S. Forest Service, that owns and operates a prairie, will horde a “Midewin Bison Expedition,” on May 7 with giveaway convey buses from a adjacent towns of Elwood and Wilmington.

Since Apr and May consecrate calving deteriorate for bison, some new calves might be on a drift by a time of a expedition, pronounced Kelly Gutknecht, Midewin’s operation specialist.

Last fall, 27 bison — 4 bulls and 23 cows — were introduced to Midewin as partial of a 20-year examination with a National Forest Foundation to see how bison extending improves a farrago of local plants during level restoration. Several cows are pregnant, pronounced Midewin orator Rick Short, adding that baby calves start walking within mins and stay within a area of a herd.