Moms, Stop Making Your Post-Baby Bodies a Butt of Your Jokes

October 13, 2014 - Picnic Time

This mom of 3 isn’t shouting anymore. (Courtesy of a author)

Want to hear something crazy? we like my physique after 3 kids. Nope, no punchline. I’m not about to add, “But I’d rather die than wear a bikini!” Ha, ha, ha!

The law is, we am ill of feeling like we have to put myself down, and be hilariously humorous doing it, to fit in with other moms. we am sleepy of being pressured into creation self-deprecating comments about my pompous belly, my saggy boobs, my swinging butt, or my jiggly arms, by a crowd of moms who seem to be in on a joke.

The trend of branch postpartum bodies into a comedy slight spans a mommy landscape from Hollywood, to blogdom. We hear actresses who recently gave birth (and who hasn’t?) fun about how they’d never strike a red runner though Spanx! Ha, ha! And did we hear Jennifer Garner’s new bit about her baby strike being here to stay after giving birth to 3 kids? She even compared her swell to a camel’s hump.

Meanwhile, mom bloggers are spitting out posts like, “Why My Muffin Top Is Hot.” Funny, though totally contributing to a genius that we should make fun of a bodies after baby.

I speculation it’s waggish to be repulsed by yourself once you’ve had a few kids, since we moms seem to adore lampooning a approach we look. we do it all a time.

Over a summer, we took partial in a shred about post-baby bodies on HuffPost Live. During a taping, we burst several jokes during my possess expense. “Will we ever have a physique we did in high school? No!” Ha, ha, ha! Why did we do this? Because we felt like a other moms on a row would weird out if we told a truth: we indeed still like my body. Gasp.

Liking your physique seems to be some arrange of profanation of mom code. Didn’t we get a handbook? Remember a partial about how we have to depreciate your adipose swell and your deflated breasts? It’s right after a territory on how we will never wear a two-piece showering fit again, though hating yourself a whole time.

Plus, being fine with your coming isn’t funny. Or is it? Let’s exam out that speculation with a joke. “I consider we demeanour flattering good after 3 kids.” Crickets. Nope, not funny. So are we putting ourselves down to get laughs?

Or is it that carrying a clarity of amusement is easier than opposed a loathing many moms feel toward their bodies? Getting stupid about a widen outlines is amusing. Learning to accept them is agonizing.

Besides, fondness yourself would be so smug! And so not funny.

Perhaps this is because we feel guilty when another mom compliments how we look, and because we immediately start explaining divided my slim physique. “Oh no, we only work out a lot. It took a prolonged time to remove a baby weight. I’m still operative on it! Ha, ha, ha!” I’d hatred for that other mom to know we felt good about myself. She’d consider we was such a jerk, with no clarity of humor.

So, whenever I’m told we demeanour good after a new birth of my daughter, like a responsible member of a stream “jokes on me” mom culture, we start poking holes in my appearance. “Yes, we am behind in my pre-baby jeans, though what’s adult with these batwings?”

But has anyone else grown sleepy of creation jokes about your body, only to fit in with this self-loathing trend? Is anyone else ill of reading blogs entitled, “An Open Letter to a Boobs we Had 10 Years Ago?”

Watching your physique change during a pregnancy, and after we have a baby is no picnic; this we can admit. And amusement helps us cope with being parents; we get it. But let’s puncture a small deeper, and find out because we are creation jokes in a initial place. Let’s try to adore a bodies after baby first, and giggle second.

Melissa Willets is a author and blogger, and a mom-of-three vital outward of New York City. She tweets @SpitupnSuburbs

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