Monfort condemned to life in jail for murdering Seattle military officer

July 24, 2015 - Picnic Time

Though a King County jury spared Christopher Monfort’s life for murdering a Seattle military officer scarcely 6 years ago, jurors were told his time in jail is firm to be dour given his stoppage and ongoing health problems.

After a six-month trial, a jury of 6 group and 6 women deliberated for reduction than an hour Thursday before sentencing Monfort to life in jail though a probability of release.

After a outcome was announced, Monfort said, “I’m happy about that” as he was wheeled to an conveyor by jail guards.

Most jurors declined to pronounce with a media, though one masculine juror said, “Now that a hearing is over, we don’t cruise there’s unequivocally anything to say, other than it unequivocally was a terrible occurrence filled with sadness, unfortunate in any way.

“I’m really blissful a jury was unanimous in all a verdicts that we gave,” he said.

The outcome signaled a jury’s rejecting of a genocide chastisement in a box in that most of a testimony centered on Monfort’s mental illness and developmental problems formed in childhood.

On Jun 5, a same jury convicted Monfort, 46, of 4 felonies, including aggravated first-degree murder for ambushing and fatally sharpened Officer Timothy Brenton on Halloween night 2009 in Seattle’s Leschi neighborhood.

The jury deserted Monfort’s stupidity defense, anticipating that he knew right from wrong and holding him implicitly culpable for his crimes.

Monfort was left a paraplegic after he was shot twice when he pulled a gun on Seattle military Sgt. Gary Nelson, who was with dual other carnage investigators following adult on a tip about a automobile used in Brenton’s killing, when they encountered Monfort outward his Tukwila unit on Nov. 6, 2009.

Last month, a invulnerability consultant told jurors Monfort could live another 18 years given his spinal-cord injury, though his median presence time is half that.

Defense profession Carl Luer pronounced spending a rest of his life in jail is going to be some-more formidable for Monfort than other inmates who have no possibility of release.

“In Christopher Monfort’s case, a life judgment is going to be quite hard,” Luer said, given his paralysis, ongoing pain and consistent conflict with skin and urinary-tract infections.

“Life behind bars is no cruise for anybody,” pronounced Luer. “It will be worse for Chris.”

Matt Brenton, Officer Brenton’s brother, pronounced his family had no expectations before Thursday’s outcome was announced though wasn’t astounded a jury deserted a genocide penalty.

“More than anything, no matter what preference they came to, it was a right one for them and we honour it and appreciate them for their sacrifice,” he said.

Timothy Brenton, 39, was a field-training officer who lived in Marysville with his mom Lisa and dual immature children. He was an Army maestro of a initial Gulf War and son of a late Seattle military officer.

“We will never forget Tim’s smile, loyalty and loyalty — and will reason these qualities dear as we strengthen and offer a city and any other,” Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole pronounced in a statement.

Monfort’s mother, Suzan Monfort, pronounced Thursday she was astounded a jury returned a unanimous outcome for a life sentence.

“I’m really relieved and we don’t trust in a genocide chastisement for anyone, or for my son” she said.

Suzan Monfort pronounced she is “so contemptible for a Brentons.”

“I know it was tough to lay by this,” she pronounced of a extensive trial.

The invulnerability did not brawl Monfort had killed Brenton and had attempted to gun down Nelson and Brenton’s partner.

But they argued he is mentally ill, pang from a delusional disorder. They claimed Monfort’s annoy during law coercion over incidents of military savagery spurred him to aim officers.

His attorneys claimed Monfort believed if adequate military officers were incidentally killed, a deaths would put an finish to military savagery since officers would remodel themselves.

In further to aggravated murder, a jury final month also found Monfort guilty of dual depends of attempted first-degree murder for perplexing to kill Brenton’s partner and after Nelson, a a carnage sergeant questioning a officer’s death.

He was also convicted of first-degree arson for environment a glow and detonating siren bombs that broken a handful of military vehicles during a city’s Charles Street upkeep yard 9 days before Brenton was killed.

On Oct. 31, 2009, Monfort stalked and ambushed Brenton and his then-rookie partner Britt Kelly (nee Sweeney) as they sat in a unit automobile on a residential travel in Seattle’s Leschi neighborhood.

Monfort told a invulnerability clergyman he was unhappy he unsuccessful to kill any military officers during a upkeep yard, and that he unsuccessful to kill Kelly, a jury heard.

Senior Deputy Prosecutor Jeff Baird concluded that Monfort was “not normal,” though told jurors he was an nonconformist who was lucid and knew his actions were wrong, though only didn’t care.

“The invulnerability is Mr. Monfort’s loathing of a military — and it was loathing — was so impassioned … he shouldn’t be hold obliged for murdering one,” Baird pronounced during a trial.

The cost of prosecuting Monfort is approaching to surpass $7 million.

Through a finish of March, invulnerability costs had reached $5.8 million, according to a King County Department of Public Defense. The prosecutor’s cost was only over $1 million on Apr 30.

The outcome noted a second time in a past dual months that King County prosecutors have unsuccessful to remonstrate a jury to judgment a high-profile torpedo to death.

In May, a separate jury spared a life of Joseph McEnroe, who killed 6 members of his ex-girlfriend’s family on Christmas Eve 2007. That jury deliberated for 3½ days.

King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg released a matter observant jurors in Monfort’s hearing “were asked to answer a surpassing dignified question. The contribution of this box called out for a jury to cruise a full operation of punishment options underneath state law. Our whole village should be beholden to these adults for their service.”

A juror comments on Jul 23, 2015, after a King County jury spared a life of Christopher Monfort for murdering Seattle military Officer Timothy Brenton on Halloween night 2009. (Steve Miletich / The Seattle Times)

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