More than century ago, electric trolley carried Easton residents to a tip of College Hill

August 2, 2016 - Picnic Time

EASTON – More than a century before Lafayette College’s new offer to implement a potion elevator, one of a college’s graduates came adult with another approach to float people adult and down Easton’s College Hill.

On Jan. 14, 1888, David W. Nevin’s Lafayette Traction Co. non-stop a city’s initial electric trolley with marks and an electrified beyond wire using down what’s currently famous as College Avenue. At a time, a electric trolley was a latest in internal transport and Easton was a inhabitant personality in a trend.

Easton was a third city in a United States – after Scranton and Baltimore – to get an electric trolley system, according to chronological documents. Nevin, a connoisseur of Lafayette College, who eventually went on to turn Easton’s mayor, visited Baltimore to learn about a new electric trolley system, according to “Trolleys on College Hill” by life-long Easton proprietor and historian David F. Drinkhouse.

Lafayette College was founded in 1826 and acquired a land above Bushkill Creek and built on what is now famous as College Hill in 1834, Drinkhouse wrote. As a city stretched external from Centre Square in other directions, roads were constructed, nonetheless those roads heading adult to College Hill were still too high for many horse-drawn wagons.