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April 8, 2015 - Picnic Time

This month, Inside Jersey looks behind during a many scandalous murders, crime sprees and sequence killers to deface a Garden State. Today, a lovers: From a bed-hopping German newcomer with a ambience for poison to a infamous double slaying of an Episcopal clergyman and his mistress to a integrate of modern-day indication adults indicted of offing their wives, here are 4 cases that competence make we consider twice about straying.

The Rev. Edward Hall of New Brunswick and his mistress, Eleanor Mills, whose bodies were found in a field, with their adore records sparse around them, in 1922.

A eremite affair

The integrate lay together underneath a crab apple tree, his right palm underneath her neck, her palm on his knee, a bullet hole in his head, her throat cut ear to ear.

Until a Lindbergh baby abduction a decade later, the Sept. 16, 1922, murders of a Rev. Edward Wheeler Hall, of St. John a Evangelist Episcopal Church in New Brunswick, and his lover, a star choir thespian named Eleanor Mills, riveted a nation like no other. Their event seemed to be an open tip around city and their adore letters, found sparse around their bodies, suggested a kinship some-more carnal than spiritual: “Oh honey, we am burning today. Burning, fiery love, it seems ages given we saw my babykins’ physique and kissed any bit of you.”

THE LEGENDS: Part we of N.J.’s many scandalous murders looks during some of a nation’s many intolerable murders

Frances Stevens Hall, 7 years her husband’s comparison and a member of a rich Johnson Johnson clan, fast became a primary suspect. But it took 4 years and a testimony of a Somerville sow rancher dubbed a Pig Woman (she claimed to have witnessed Hall and another male opposed a integrate over a letters) for a widow to be indicted, along with her dual brothers.

Suffering from cancer, a Pig Woman was wheeled into the Somerville courtroom to attest in a 1926 trial, though a jury did not find her convincing and clear Hall and her brothers. No one was ever brought to probity in a Hall-Mills murders.

Newark adore triangle

The story of John Erpenstein and his several consorts could have powered several seasons of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

Erpenstein left his local Germany — as good as his wife, Fritzigen, and their 3 children — in 1850 to find his happening in America. During a vessel float to America, he met a Mullers, a mom and daughter. After environment adult a tailoring business in Newark, he hired a daughter, Dora, as a seamstress. They shortly grown a regretful relationship, although, as Erpenstein after wrote with delicious discretion, “the mother’s passion was mostly kindled also.”

Erpenstein’s attribute with Dora continued for several months, until a astonishing attainment of Fritzigen in Nov 1851. He left Dora to be with his wife, though when he returned a Muller residence to kill a pig a few days later, Dora cornered him in a stable, kissed him and threatened suicide. He betrothed her a velvet bonnet, maybe a 19th century homogeneous of Jimmy Choos.

Meanwhile, Fritzigen schooled of her husband’s event and listened that Dora was awaiting Erpenstein’s baby. When she threatened to lapse to Germany, Erpenstein, who had attempted to dedicate self-murder twice though mislaid his nerve, motionless on murder-suicide instead. On Jan. 8, 1852, he prepared arsenic-laced bread-and-butter sandwiches for an tour to New York with his wife; his half conveniently fell in a water, though Fritzigen ate hers. She died during home and Erpenstein was arrested a subsequent day. He was found guilty within a month and hanged in Newark on Mar 30.

Rabbi Fred Neulander reacts as a charges are review during his prosecution during a Hall of Justice in Camden in Sep 1998. Neulander was charged with murder in a Nov 1994 bludgeoning genocide of his wife.

Not utterly kosher

Not prolonged after a heartless violence genocide of Carol Neulander, a mom of reputable Cherry Hill Rabbi Fred Neulander, on Nov. 1, 1994, there was speak among Congregation M’Kor Shalom about Neulander’s erratic eye, a approach he would make a beeline for certain appealing congregants during a Torah processional, about an event with a
Philadelphia radio celebrity deliberation converting to Judaism.

Within a year, a speak was shrill and distracting adequate for synagogue leaders to mislay Neulander from his pulpit in a church he had founded some-more than 20 years earlier. But it took prosecutors years to build a box opposite a rabbi, who had a plain pretext during a church on a night of a murder. In 1998, Neulander was indicted for murder, though a box stalled.

COMING THURSDAY: Part III of N.J.’s many scandalous murders — a lunatics.

In 2000, however, a former congregant named Len Jenoff confessed to a Philadelphia Inquirer contributor that Neulander had offering him $30,000 to kill his wife, whom he claimed was “an rivalry of Israel,” and he had taken a rabbi adult on it. Jenoff told a contributor he was taken in by Neulander’s absolute charisma: “If we was a woman, we would have been sleeping with him. If he asked me to burst off a bridge, we would have said, ‘Which one?’ “

Neulander was condemned to life in jail in 2003, and Jenoff and his accomplice, Paul Michael Daniels, a mentally ill drug addict, any perceived 23 years in jail. The latter dual were released from jail final year, while Neulander continues to broadcast his innocence. “My function was abominable in my matrimony and I’m going to have to live with that for a rest of my life,” he pronounced in a matter to a Philadelphia TV hire in 2012. “It was an annoyance to myself and others, absolutely! Did we kill my wife? Absolutely not. Period.”

Maria and Robert Marshall on vacation in Aug 1984, one month before Maria’s murder on a Garden State Parkway.

‘Beyond reproach’

Prominent Toms River businessman Robert O. Marshall believed his amicable station would protection him opposite guess in a genocide of his wife, Maria. He did, after all, make his happening in a life word business.

“I am utterly simply distant too prominent,” he reportedly told his brother-in-law, according to Joe McGinniss’ loyal crime best-seller about a murder, “Blind Faith.” “I’m most too high adult a county ladder.”

But a elaborate story Marshall concocted as a cover for his murder-for-hire tract fell detached fast underneath military scrutiny. On Sept. 7, 1984, he and Maria were returning home from a outing to Atlantic City when he pulled over in a Oyster Creek cruise area off a Garden State Parkway to examine a problem with his tire. There, he claimed, he was knocked comatose while another male shot and killed his mom — substantially robbers who wanted to steal his casino winnings.

Robert O. Marshall, indicted of employing someone to kill his mom during a rest stop on a Garden State Parkway, during 1984 conference during a Ocean County Courthouse in Toms River.

Police duly remarkable that a tire had been slashed and would have been prosaic roughly immediately on withdrawal Atlantic City. Investigators shortly detected that Marshall had taken out a $1.5 million life word process on his wife. And that he was heavily in debt. And that he had been carrying a long-term event with a high propagandize administrator, with whom he had talked about “getting absolved of” his wife.

Marshall was convicted of murder in 1986 and condemned to genocide by fatal injection. However, his judgment was overturned in 2004 on drift of ineffectual authorised warn during a genocide chastisement proviso and he was resentenced to life in prison. The 75-year-old Marshall became eligible for parole for a initial time this year, though died in prison Feb. 21, only weeks before his release hearing. He had reportedly been in unwell health.

Larry Thompson, a male believed to be a tangible gunman, was clear of murder and swindling after family members placed him in Louisiana during a time of a shooting. However, one relations recanted final year, and Thompson, who is jailed in Louisiana on other crimes, confessed to being a strike man. Because of double jeopardy, he can’t be retried.

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