Naptown Pint: Take time to revisit Maryland’s plantation breweries this fall

October 25, 2017 - Picnic Time

Can we all determine that all is improved in a fall? If we don’t agree, greatfully usually to distortion to me — for a functions of today’s mainstay and a friendship.

When that streamer chill appears in a air, signaling a attainment of frail autumn weather, we emerge from my Grumpy Cat-like haze with a grin … as good as an overabundance of flannel, pumpkin-flavored all and cardigans.

As an combined reward for my friends and family, we am also prepared to spend time outside yet censure or assertive applications of sunscreen.

My pumpkin and plaid obsessions notwithstanding, there is one activity that we resolutely trust is some-more fun in a tumble than any other time of year: highway trips. Particularly when a plantation brewery is a destination.