Neighbors plea sale of aged golf march to Northshore schools

November 10, 2015 - Picnic Time

For a past 3 years, neighbors of a former Wellington Hills golf march only north of Woodinville have fought Snohomish County’s skeleton to emanate a park out of a 104-acre property, arguing that a due 4 aflame sports fields with a vast parking lot would emanate a “Costco on a hill,” with noise, trade and an finish to their farming assent and quiet.

And they don’t like a alternative, either.

Last month, a county announced it was offered a land to a Northshore School District as a intensity site for destiny schools. That has drawn annoy — and dual lawsuits — over a privacy surrounding a negotiations and concerns about growth in a unincorporated area that’s only outward a Urban Growth Boundary, a line that is ostensible to extent stretch by gripping unenlightened growth inside it.

The Northshore School Board is scheduled to opinion on a squeeze during a assembly Tuesday afternoon. It behind a opinion dual weeks ago after a city of Woodinville filed fit opposite Snohomish County over a designed sale. Last week, Neighbors to Save Wellington Park filed a possess lawsuit, arguing that state laws need open notice, open hearings and an environmental examination when publicly owned lands change hands or uses.

“They (Snohomish County) have nonetheless to explain how they could be concealing a devise to sell a open park,” pronounced Peter Eglick, profession for Woodinville.

County parks officials contend they worked with a neighbors and a city on skeleton for a due park, and concluded to extent growth to about one-quarter of a sum distance of a site, that is now rolling hills with stands of mature trees and views of a Olympic Mountains. But a neighbors and a city sued over that offer in 2013, and officials final month authorized a squeeze of 65 acres on Highway 9 instead, for that a county is profitable $9 million.

The County Council also authorized a sale of a Wellington Hills site to a propagandize district for $11.2 million.

“We listened to a neighbors as prolonged as we could. We reasoned with them as prolonged as we could. At some point, we have to contend we’ve found a best resolution we can,” pronounced Tom Teigen, executive of parks and distraction for a county.

He also shielded a privacy surrounding a sale, observant that land exchange are one area for that open agencies are authorised to reason trusted negotiations. He also pronounced that land can be sole from one open entity to another “without endless open process.”

Snohomish County creatively acquired a former golf march for roughly $10 million from a University of Washington, that during one time deliberate it for a North End satellite campus that was eventually located in Bothell.

That squeeze grew out of a $70 million slackening agreement with King County associated to a Brightwater sewage diagnosis plant in Snohomish County, built only north of a King County line. That agreement dedicated about $17 million for active distraction comforts within 4 miles of a diagnosis plant.

In further to 4 aflame fields during Wellington Hills, a county due building 3 weed fields, an off-leash dog park, playgrounds, walking trails, a mountain-bike march and cruise shelters on a site. It pronounced a second proviso could embody a 50,000-square-foot village core and a 60,000-square-foot indoor mountain-bike trickery run by a private operator.

Neighbors pronounced a skeleton were out of scale for a area, where a zoning extent is one residence per each 5 acres, and would have impressed a area’s two-lane roads.

“A lot of people who changed here approaching that a farming area would sojourn a farming area,” pronounced Janet Littlefield, who has horses on her seven-acre skill nearby Wellington Hills and is against to any growth there.

“We got Brightwater,” she said. “We were ostensible to get mitigation, not a informal sports complex.”

But sports boosters in a fast-growing Bothell and Woodinville area upheld a park, observant they need some-more lighted, territory facilities, generally during this time of year.

“We have 5,000 kids who play soccer in a Northshore School District,” pronounced Tom Campbell, a house member for Northshore Youth Soccer. “It’s dark; we can’t play on weed fields since they’re so wet. We’re competing with football for what aflame fields there are.”

He called a neighbors’ and a city of Woodinville’s antithesis to a sports fields “a classical box of NIMBY-ism.” With a land now being sole to a propagandize district, he said, they could still finish adult with sports fields, parking lots and traffic. “I consider they blew it. They could get dual schools instead of 75 acres set aside as open space,” Campbell said.

Northshore officials contend they have no evident skeleton to build anything on a Wellington Hills site though wish it since a district is flourishing and they might need some-more schools in a future.

Superintendent Larry François pronounced acreage within a urban-growth area is 4 to 6 times some-more costly than land outward it. He pronounced it’s increasingly formidable to find parcels vast adequate for new schools, and it’s tough for a district to contest for those parcels with developers who can compensate some-more for a land.

“The Wellington skill presents a singular event for a district to acquire a vast parcel that is suitable in size, structure, plcae and affordability ensuing in good long-term coherence for any intensity destiny need,” Francois pronounced in a matter expelled by a district.

The Wellington Hills neighbors contend they don’t bewail fighting a due park and vouch to continue to quarrel any propagandize construction.

Bill Stankus, who lives only easterly of a former golf course, pronounced a land now serves as a aegis from blurb and production activity, including a Woodinville Costco only down a hill.

“Why can’t there be a still place where a open can go?” he asked. “This place is value protecting.”

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