Newell Creek Canyon recommendation includes hiking, off-road cycling trails

December 12, 2015 - Picnic Time

With no grave open access, Newell Creek Canyon’s wildlife and sprouting forests of firs, maples and Western red cedars have remained mostly untouched for years.

That’s about to change.

After scarcely two years of conversations with a community, Metro is recommending hiking and off-road cycling trails and improvements such as cruise areas, restrooms, parking, a inlet play area and an disremember to concede visitors to entrance a 240-acre healthy area in Oregon City. The site will yield an eventuality to shun into inlet in a area surrounded by homes, businesses and bustling Oregon 213.

About 50 people attended a fourth and final village eventuality Dec. 10 in Oregon City to examination a recommendation and to share their thoughts.

Weigh in: Review the recommendation for open entrance during Newell Creek Canyon and submit your comments by Jan. 4, 2016.

Coming attractions

The recommendation calls for some-more than a mile of route to be common by hikers and off-road cyclists. About a mile and a half of trails would be for hikers only, and a mile for cyclists only. All visitors would be means to suffer views of a ravine and a tiny waterfall, a cedar timber and several ponds shaped by past landslides.

The trailhead off Fox Lane would yield parking for 24 vehicles, with 8 to 10 additional spots permitted in box of overflow. An entrance plaza, restrooms, cruise and an disremember area are all enclosed in a initial proviso of construction. If all goes according to plan, a open would be means to revisit Newell Creek Canyon in late 2017.

The recommendation includes space for a inlet play area, cruise preserve and disremember preserve if income becomes permitted after for additional improvements.

Coming adult with a recommendation wasn’t easy. Hundreds of comments from village members ranged from requests to keep a site sealed to open entrance to those wanting significantly some-more trails.

Metro’s recommendation lands somewhere in a middle, pronounced Tannen Printz, an associate informal planner who is heading a Newell project.

“The hybrid route complement is a many stretchable complement to get both hikers and off-road cyclists to see a poignant healthy elements,” he said. “At a same time, we’ve also avoided a infancy of a medium area around Tumble Creek.”

One plea was “groundproofing” a recommendation to safeguard a due trails could be built, he said. Printz used GPS to travel any of a due route alignments to safeguard they would equivocate a many supportive medium and would be possibly on a canyon’s slopes. Consultants with a International Mountain Bicycling Association also visited a site.

The recommendation will be formalized into a master devise in early 2016. Design and engineering, including serve excellence of a route alignments, would follow. Construction will start once required permits are obtained.

Metro will continue to work with internal amicable use agencies and military to transition bootleg campers found in a ravine to internal homes. The ravine has prolonged served as a retreat for those though homes, though bootleg camping also brings litter, dumping, unapproved trails and other impacts that impact a habitat. The wish is that strictly opening Newell Creek Canyon to open entrance will attract a solid upsurge of visitors and, in a process, assistance daunt bootleg camping.

A village greenspace

The tip priority during Newell Creek Canyon is to strengthen H2O peculiarity and medium for deer, Pacific wren, pileated woodpeckers, sundry thrush, coyotes Northern red-legged frogs and other wildlife. Newell Creek has local coho salmon and steelhead trout.

“The devise allows open entrance in a approach that preserves a core goals of safeguarding H2O peculiarity and wildlife habitat,” pronounced Brian Vaughn, a comparison healthy resources scientist who has led replacement efforts during a site.

The Greater Oregon City Watershed Council launched a vital replacement devise in 2012, in partnership with Oregon City, Metro, private landowners and a Clackamas County Soil and Water Conservation District. The work tranquil invasive plants. In their place, crews planted thousands of Western red cedars, grand firs and Douglas firs to reinstate a timberland that historically dominated a site.

Metro started appropriation land in Newell Creek Canyon after electorate in a segment authorized a healthy areas bond magnitude in 1995. Neighbors such as Sha Spady campaigned for a measure, going door-to-door toting “vote yes” placards and installing a solar-paneled pointer along Oregon 213. With a area fast developing, neighbors wanted to strengthen a watershed, a high slopes and a poignant healthy area in their backyard.

“The fact that we have an open space to enjoy, we only consider it’s a reverence to a village of people who refused to compromise, didn’t wish growth and did all they could to safeguard a land would be given to a subsequent era as an open space that they loved,” Spady said. “Newell is unique. When we step into a canyon, you’re only ecstatic into another place, another feeling, another approach of being that’s unequivocally mislaid to us.”

Spady, whose skill borders Newell Creek Canyon, served on a stakeholder committee. Though she would have elite a recommendation not embody off-road cycling trails, she thinks a altogether devise is a good compromise.

“I consider a recommendation reflects a glorious pursuit of holding into care so many opposite interests and agendas that people in a village have for a use of a canyon,” she said. “I suspicion it was an glorious process.”

Recreation hub

Andy Crump, a neighbor and membership executive of Northwest Trail Alliance, pronounced he’s “ecstatic” that off-road cycling trails are enclosed in a recommendation.

“We unequivocally conclude Metro’s efforts to come adult with a resolution that kind of balances everybody’s needs,” he said. “When we went to a initial meeting, it sounded like it’d be a genuine tough plea to even get trails. That Metro had these open houses and we all went and they listened to us, we can’t contend some-more about how tender we am.”

With only over dual miles of trails that would be permitted to off-road cyclists, Newell Creek Canyon would expected attract commencement and middle cyclists and families, he said. It wouldn’t be a “destination” like a popular, endless cycling trails during Sandy Ridge is circuitously Sandy.

“It’d be overwhelming if we live in a area and have a family,” he said. “You could take your kids down there, float around for a small bit and come back.”

Blane Meier hopes a opening of Newell Creek Canyon – as good as ancestral Willamette Falls – will assistance spin Oregon City into an epicenter for recreational cycling in a entrance years. Meier owns First City Cycles bicycle emporium in downtown Oregon City and is also formulation to open a marketplace and bistro nearby.

As an gifted highway bicyclist though beginner off-road cyclist, Meier is already creation skeleton to try out a destiny trails himself.

“If we don’t know how to do towering biking, to go adult to Sandy Ridge, that would be utterly intimidating,” he said. “Here, I’d be means to start during Newell Creek Canyon and take my time since they’re not going to be assertive trails. we consider it’d be a good approach to teach people about outside recreational cycling.”

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