Newport Manners & Etiquette: Picnic Tips, Handling Guests, + Women’s Short Shorts

July 26, 2017 - Picnic Time

Wednesday, Jul 26, 2017

More questions about short-shorts, doing guests, how to residence an honest and a spare on cruise tips, all to Didi Lorillard this week at Newport Manners.

Humiliating guests

Q.  Four of us have had a weekly tennis diversion for a dozen or so summers. This past Jun when we started adult again something intensely degrading happened. While cooling off during a H2O cooler after playing, a youngish clerk in a pro emporium approached us to announced to a crony that her tennis fees had not been paid. The demeanour on a friend’s burning face went from red to sheer white. It was agonizing to witness. In unanimity we fast incited a heads sanctimonious we hadn’t listened a accusation. The occurrence is haunting. We’re still wondering how to assure that zero as mortifying ever happens again.

Unbeknownst to a rest of us, one of a doubles organisation took a clerk aside to rebuke her and tell her how dissapoint we were during saying a crony humiliated. Apparently, she pronounced that her trainer had authorised such action. It is tough to believe. At a really slightest a clerk should have taken her out of reach of her tennis buddies. Should we news a occurrence to a bar president? Instead,wouldn’t it have been some-more friendly if someone from accounting had called a crony to kindly remind her that her comment wasn’t up-to-date?  Name Withheld, Stonington, CT 

A.  The doubt is possibly to let this fumble slip or try to redress it? An reparation to a maimed primary plant is in order. The repairs is done. On a one hand, we wouldn’t wish a victim clerk who was following orders to get fired. So that leaves a blame to a culprit, a chairman who systematic a clerk to confuse a member in front of her friends.

It is best not to put such a censure in essay since we never know who’s going to see it. Tell someone tighten to a boss your story and let them understanding with it as they may. It sounds like a matter of policy. How to warn a member that he’s not paid up.

Women’s Short Shorts

Q.  My business partner and we have been arguing over a waitstaff dress formula during a family-style restaurant. He’s all for carrying college girls wearing short-shorts that demeanour like undergarments. My mother and we feel it is degrading for a girls to uncover off so many strength in public, let alone in a family restaurant. Additionally, it creates a vetting routine some-more about possibly a immature lady has a good figure, than if she is a intelligent waitress. He’s not employing women who don’t demeanour good in short-shorts.

He says it’s good for business. we contend it creates a waitresses feel mortified when they have to arrangement their tip thighs. PO, Newport

A.  Your business partner competence still be removing a arise fantasizing on a carhop waitress from his youth. Tell him that it is super cold to encourage, or provide, uniforms that are suitable to a family dining establishment. 

The pivotal to short-shorts is balance. They contend that short-shorts are a Yin to Sports Bras Yang. Athletic short-shorts for sports are another matter. The wearer isn’t looking for tips.

Suggest that your partner gets over objectify women and adheres to a customary dress formula of black slacks and boots and a white tip with a collar and possibly a brief sleeves or prolonged sleeves. 

Whether a short-shorts are high waisted or low rise, if a length is shorter than where a tips of her fingers hold her thigh, they are too brief for grill waitstaff. 

Tips for A Newport Picnic

Q.  We’re formulation an Aug cruise in Newport, RI and need some tips on how to make it work well. Please give us some dos and don’ts.  Jennifer, Providence

A.  When formulation a cruise consider about what guest will design and warn them. But during a same time make your cruise highlight giveaway by opening adult with a brief list of things guest can move to contribute. As good as a prolonged list for yourself. What should guest bring? At a really least, their possess H2O for consumption.

  • Organize forward of time, devise a menu and do a allege work.  
  • Base a cruise food around a signature drink: Pimm’s cup, Dark Stormy, Cosmopolitan and qualification drink from a internal brewery.
  • Even if you’re portion sandwiches or prepared food from a local eatery, container colorful napkins, bamboo flatware and plates, tubs for ice, spices, salad dressing, and colorful tablecloths or light weight blankets.
  • Include prep collection for putting a cruise together: a pointy blade and slicing board, portion spoons, opener for bottles and cans, rabble bags and paper towels for cleanup. Be protected about spoilage and take a thermometer for a coolers to keep lane of a heat of any salads with mayonnaise, egg dishes and meats. 
  • Plan blankets for everybody to lay on and have a wholly charged wireless speaker.
  • Text a plcae dropping a pin in a map app with a location.
  • Ask everybody to move water, those with food allergies and restrictions should move their possess food. 
  • Know who is bringing what.


Not everybody will wish to eat during once, so keep it casual. Don’t mount on rite portion everybody with a lay down time, it’s a picnic. Let people assistance themselves as they arrive. Don’t over deteriorate since as prohibited food cools down a seasoning becomes saltier and in some cases some-more flavorful.

The Honorable

Q. When addressing a notation to a secretary of state of your home state, do we residence them as a Honorable ….?

–HB, Torrington, WY


A.  When addressing a letter, message, or thank-you note to an inaugurated or allocated official. we would residence a Secretary of State of your home state as The Honorable. Whenever we use a  honorific The Honorable always make a T in The Honorable tip case.


Addressing a envelope


  • For central business: 


The Honorable Ed Murray

Secretary of a State of Wyoming

Cheyenne, Wyoming


  • Socially, a personal thank-you note:


The Honorable The Secretary of State of Wyoming


Letter Salutation

Mr. Murray


Complimentary Close


Didi Lorillard researches manners and practice at NewportManners for her arriving book NEWPORT MANNERS ETIQUETTE.


Cliff Walk

Newport, RI

The Cliff Walk is one of Newport’s many famous attractions is a gilded age mansions backing a coast. Entry to a mansions will cost a fee, yet with a Cliff Walk, we can suffer views of a mansions with extraordinary views of a H2O all for free.

The 3.5 mile prolonged route runs behind a mansions on a eastern seaside of Newport. It is a National Recreation Trail – a initial in New England! The infancy of a transport is easy, yet be certain to wear good shoes; a silt can make a route slippery. 


PHOTO: Connie Ma/flickr


The Freedom Trail

Boston, MA

The Freedom Trail is a dual and a half-mile walking debate that connects 16 poignant Boston landmarks.

Interior opening to a Freedom Trail’s sites is also free, solely for a Paul Revere House, a Old South Meeting House and a Old State House.

The Freedom Trail is a good approach to get exercise, try Boston and learn about history, all during a same time.

If we buy tickets online they are ignored during $12 for adults, $10 for students and $6.50 for kids ages 6-12. 

Photo: Wikipedia


Explore a Site of Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride 

Boston, MA

Old North Church, located on Salem Street, is Boston’s oldest flourishing church, and it’s also a place where Paul Revere gave a vigilance that a “British were coming,” on Apr 18, 1775.

Once he gave a signal, dual lanterns were lifted high, definition that they were opening by sea to Lexington and Concord, not land. 

This eventuality began a American Revolution. 



Providence, RI

Providence WaterFire has grown to be an iconic Rhode Island event. Starting out in 1994 to applaud a 10th anniversary of First Night Providence, it has grown to run continuously, once a month, from May-November and boasts over 80 blazing fires in a center of a Providence River.

WaterFire is a not-for-profit classification that aims to creatively renovate Providence – and they do! Each eventuality is accompanied with song by artists from around a world, varies food stands and art stands to crop as we wander along a river. 


Visit Acadia National Park


People have been drawn to a imperishable seashore of Maine via history. Awed by a beauty and diversity, early 20th-century visionaries donated a land that became Acadia National Park.

The park is home to many plants and animals, and a tallest towering on a U.S. Atlantic coast.

Visit Acadia and transport slab peaks, bike ancestral carriage roads, or relax and suffer a scenery.

The park opening price is FREE from Aug 25th to a 28th. 

Besides that, acknowledgment is $12 while those 15 and underneath are FREE of charge 


Anheuser-Busch Brewery and a Clydesdale Hamlet 

Merrimack, New Hampshire 

The Budweiser Clydesdales are a many tangible mascots in a libation attention and a revisit to a Clydesdale Hamlet during a Anheuser-Bush Brewery will get we a giveaway assembly with them. 

For this 21 and over, we can take a debate of a brewery and see it outcome in giveaway drink during a end. 

If we have kids who are not 21, they can revisit a horses who are there year round. They will get a outrageous flog out of it. 

PHOTO: Billy Zoom/flickr


Purgatory Chasm

Sutton, MA

Take a transport during Purgatory Chasm and see a singular landmark that shaped naturally approximately 14,000 years ago. Theory has it that a chasm was shaped nearby a finish of a final Ice Age with a remarkable recover of freezing meltwater that had been dammed up. Pretty neat! The chasm is ¼ mile prolonged and runs between hulk slab rock, infrequently station during 70 feet high! You do have to compensate to park ($5 MA residents, $6 for out-of-staters), yet exploring a reservation is totally free. 

Photo: MHarvey/Flickr


Ben Jerry’s Factory Tour

Waterbury, Vermont 

Take a 30 notation debate of Ben Jerry’s Ice Cream bureau in Vermont and see where your favorite flavors of ice cream are made. It is only about ice cream deteriorate after all. 

The bureau is open year turn and acknowledgment is only $4 for adults, $3 for seniors and kids 12 and underneath are FREE.


Royalston Falls

Royalston, MA

If we wish a small bit of an outside adventure, transport to Royalston Falls in Royalston, MA. The transport itself isn’t too long, yet it can be challenging. It leads we to a remote fill combined by antiquated freezing meltwater and 45 feet plunging rapids within a half-hidden ravine. If you’re adult for a adventure, a end is distant value a trek. 


U.S. Navy Submarine Force Museum and USS Nautilus 

Groten, Connecticut 

See a reproduction of a world’s firs submarine and learn about it by films before streamer about a USS Nautilus for a giveaway audio tour. 

Nautilus was a initial nuclear-powered submarine and a initial vessel to transport 20,000 leagues underneath a sea. The boat is now open to a open year-round and is free.  

PHOTO: Facebook


Independence Trail

Providence, RI

Rhode Island’s possess chronicle of Boston’s Freedom Trail, follow a embellished immature line for a Independence Trail. The 2.5 mile debate of ancestral Providence “takes we over 4 centuries of history, architecture, culture, and folklore.”

Don’t worry about where to begin, a track is turn so we can start anywhere! Along a embellished immature route on a sidewalks you’ll find red emblems with a phone array and a plcae number.



By a Canal Tour

Worcester, MA

Worcester’s Canal District is home to eleven buildings that issue from a early 1800s. Preservation Worcester wants we to suffer a story accessible to you, for free! They offer a Canal District Walking Tour, By a Canal, to arrangement we to a stories of a people and chronological events that combined Worcester. You can collect adult a giveaway debate leaflet during a Preservation Worcester bureau on Cedar Street, download a printable chronicle of a debate and debate map, or download audio files to phone to do an audio tour. 


Blackstone River Bikeway

Runs from Worcester to Providence

The thought behind a Blackstone River Bikeway was to emanate a bike route using 48 miles, from Worcester to Providence along a National Heritage Corridor. It links a Blackstone River and a Blackstone Canal and will eventually bond with a East Bay Bike Path in Rhode Island. The route isn’t finished yet, yet riders can suffer a shred that is, giveaway of charge.


NIMFest Concert Series during King Park Beach

Newport, RI

Listen to some good song during a NIMFest Concert Series during King Park Beach in Newport. 

NIMFest concerts are hold Sunday afternoons from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. during a King Park retreat on Wellington Avenue.

Concerts are presented giveaway by a City of Newport featuring a best in informal and internal talent.

The 2017 array celebrates women artists in folk, bluegrass, jazz, blues, rock, and all in between. 


Visit Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Concord, MA

Head to Concord, Massachusetts and afterwards to a Sleepy Hollow Cemetery where we will find “Author’s Ridge.”

Author’s Ridge outlines a final resting place of mythological writers such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry Thoreau, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Louisa May Alcott. 


Take a Tour of Yale University 

New Haven, Connecticut 

Take a giveaway debate of Yale University and while we are there be certain to transport by a Yale Art Gallery and a Yale Center for British Art. 

If we time it correctly, we competence even get to attend one of a Yale School of Music’s scarcely 300 annual performances. 


The Sprinkler Factory

Worcester, MA

The Sprinkler Factory is not indeed factory, yet rather a gallery. Though, a namesake does come from a real-life sprinkler bureau started by Howard Freeman in WWII. Why? Because he embodies “the suggestion of innovation.” With a aim of providing a open with a place to arrangement and suffer a visible arts, a Sprinkler Factory hosts exhibitions once a month, and they’re always free.


Browse Yankee Candle Village 

South Deerfield, Massachusetts 

Yankee Candle Village domicile are located in South Deerfield, Massachusetts, where they call themselves “Scenter of a Universe.” 

Walk around a store for hours, exploring all a opposite showrooms with varying scents. The formidable is something to see. 

Be warned though, we competence be tempted to buy a candle or two. 


East Bay Bike Path

Runs from Providence RI to Bristol RI

If you’re looking for a sip of healthy beauty and healthy activity, try going for a spin on a East Bay Bike Path. The initial bike trickery to be underneath a State, it is a 13.8 mile route that connects 8 opposite parks from Providence to Bristol. Do a whole thing or only a widen and cranky over bridges and by coves on a Narragansett Bay shore. The bike route is open year round. 

Photo: Michael St Jean/Flickr


Eartha during DeLorme Mapping Company 

Yarmouth, Maine 

Eartha is a worlds largest rotating creation holding adult 3 stories and is wholly mechanism tranquil and rotates. 

It is about as life-size a reproduction of a earth as we will find anywhere. 

PHOTO: DeLorme Map Company



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