NFL Fantasy Football, Week 13: 5 under-the-radar anticipation gems

December 3, 2015 - Picnic Time

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Week 12 In Review

If we aren’t informed with my methods yet, I’ll put myself on a “PASS” or “FAIL” scale that is formed on flex options scoring above or next double number anticipation points. Above 10 points would be a PASS, and apparently next 10 would be a FAIL. we do my best to find a not-so apparent options from week to week to assistance we browbeat your league. With that pronounced here we go once again, let’s see how we did for you, folks.

Devin Funchess, 3.9 – FAIL
Javorius Allen, 11.0 Points — PASS
Donte Moncrief, 19.4 Points — PASS
Spencer Ware, 20.5 Points — PASS
Kirk Cousins, 24.1 Points — PASS

And a Ric Flair “WOO” for those of we who followed my lead this week. All yet one in this organisation done me demeanour smart, a other one done me demeanour like a finish fool. Perhaps It’s my possess error for vouchsafing myself tumble for a rookie wideout we graded so rarely out of college. Thanks a lot, Devin, what a hell, bro? Despite how good a Carolina Panthers are personification we theory a doctrine schooled here is that rookies will continue to perform unequivocally up-and-down.

Javorius Allen flattering many felt like a no brainer here, he’s a starting using behind on a organisation that churns out high finish producers during a position. we told folks not to nap on Donte Moncrief — certain Matt Hasselbeck was during QB, yet talent trumps opinions, and he had a large day.

Spencer Ware is a gifted player, on a organisation that usually uses a using back, and there was nobody to mount in his approach — he blew up. Lastly a call that got me laughed during recently — Kirk Cousins. He had a NYG DST and they can’t cover a cruise list with a 50′ tarp…. we have no thought what this even means.

Week 12: ‘5 Must-Start Fantasy Sleepers’

I honour myself on creation tough calls, and this week will be no disproportion once again. Brock Osweiler Tom Brady.

5. Duke Johnson Jr, RB CLE

Talk about a actor we was high on pre-draft — Duke Johnson can truly do it all. In Week 13, he gets a “tough” matchup, yet with his form of on-field use he should continue to attain regardless of opponent.

Week 13 for a Cleveland Browns means they will be tested during home vs a 13th best run invulnerability in a joining in a Cincinnati Bengals. This year a Bengals are giving adult only underneath 100 yards per diversion (99.8) and yet they’re ranked 13th of 32, a disproportion between them and a bottom 10 organisation is about 13 yards per diversion — fundamentally a opening ain’t unequivocally big, guys.

On a year, Duke is averaging 10.6 touches per diversion (6.3 rush att, 4.3 pass targets) and 11 anticipation points per game. Essentially Duke is averaging some-more than a full indicate per touch, so though even factoring in touchdowns, his upside is obvious.

It’s not a together comparison, yet final week a Bengals gave adult 63 rush yards and one measure on only 4 carries to Tavon Austin — Duke might not offer a blazing quickness, yet he is only as cunning as a arms out of a backfield. In fact a final time these dual teams met behind in Week 9, Duke posted 2 catches for 38 yards and a score, something that isn’t out of a area of probability in this re-match. In a joining changeable some-more and some-more towards RBBC’s (running behind by committee), notwithstanding Duke Johnson being detached of one, he is a premier option.

Johnson is now accessible in 43.5% of ESPN leagues (Why? we have no idea) and 54% of Yahoo leagues as well. This is a actor who has posted double number scoring games 5 opposite times this year, and during his cost tab he feels unfit to ignore.

4. Scott Chandler, TE NEP

If this feels like a no brainer, that’s since it indeed is. With a possibility that Gronk misses time on an already banged adult offense, Scott Chandler gets a vital bump.

In Week 13 — and entrance off their initial detriment of a deteriorate — a New England Patriots will be confronting an positively miserable Philadelphia Eagles team. Even though Dion Lewis, Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola (maybe) and Rob Gronkowski, we can gamble Tom Brady will get his by any means required — this is where Scotty Chandler comes into play.

Prior to Gronk going down final week, Scott Chandler had never eclipsed 5 sum flitting targets in one game. By a finish of New England’s Week 12 matchup, Chandler had strictly seen 10 (5-58-1). For starters if parsimonious finish Cameron Brate can put adult a touchdown on this invulnerability with Jameis Winston during QB, afterwards Chandler will idle them.

Per PFF, a Eagles now class out as a 15th best in pass coverage in a NFL, and as we’ve discussed before, a intermediate delegate is a immature light for a pass game. This could change in Week 13, meaningful Bill Belichick’s inclination for altering diversion plans, yet on a year Tom Brady is averaging 41 flitting attempts per game.

Of his sum 451 attempted passes, a parsimonious finish has been targeted 124 times (27.5%). In a diversion that could furnish some-more rushing attempts than New England has dialed adult all year, nobody should bashful divided from Scott Chandler — generally when Brady is averaging 11+ targets per diversion to his parsimonious ends.

Scott Chandler is now accessible in 88% of Yahoo leagues and in 97.4% of leagues during ESPN. we am 100% certain these dual numbers will positively ascend as shortly as leagues finish their waiver periods. With that pronounced precipitate adult and put your explain in — this week Chandler could be a disproportion between being in a playoffs and examination them from home.

3. Alfred Morris, RB WAS

This has been a year of a using behind declining act. From C.J. Anderson to Eddie Lacy and behind again, some guys only haven’t achieved as expected. Alfred Morris is unfortunately a partial of this organisation as well, yet with his effort behind adult to underline behind volume, Week 13 is value a start.

On a year, a Dallas Cowboys are ranked 15th in a NFL opposite a run, giving adult over a hundred yards per week (106.9). In further to a triple digits they concede to rushers, this Dallas invulnerability has given adult 11 rushing touchdowns in 2015 — or a 4th many authorised by any organisation all season.

This hasn’t felt like a Alfred Morris seasons of a past, and maybe in partial since of a Matt Jones flashes, however if final week is any indication, Alf might be back. Although to some it might seem that Morris has taken a backseat to Jones, on a year Morris is winning a lift conflict 135-98, and over a past 3  weeks he is winning 40-24.

Coming off of a Week 12 opening where he saw 23 touches, it might be time to contend Morris is again a lead behind in Washington. With Matt Jones’ round control issues (2 fumbles in final 4 weeks), Alfred Morris has seen a vital uptick in volume. Across these same 4 weeks, a Cowboys DST is agreeable 4.16 YPC to hostile offenses as well. With Morris fundamentally being slept on by anybody with a sham this might be your shot to strike large during a low price.

Morris is now accessible in 48% of Yahoo leagues and 49.9% of leagues during ESPN. Again, a startling to see a using behind who has been as solid as Morris this straightforwardly accessible — yet this is to your benefit. At Alf’s cost tag, it would be stupid not to go get him if he’s sitting on your internal waiver wire.

2. David Johnson, RB AZ

Chris Johnson is once again shop-worn goods, and Andre Ellington is Andre Ellington. For this reason, Week 13 is unequivocally a week to put your David Johnson batch to work.

A disreputable jaunty awaiting out of a UNI (University of Northern Iowa), talent is not a problem for David. Chris Johnson had been using so good in 2015 that Johnson never unequivocally got a moment during a “real workload,” and this is clear as his tip lift sum from any one diversion in 2015 has been 8.

Johnson has been used flattering “extensively” in singular time out of a backfield with 27 targets (19 receptions, 241 receiving yards, 3 touchdowns). As a pristine rusher, Johnson is averaging 4.0 YPC duration scoring 4 touchdowns on a deteriorate — his prolongation is copiousness plenty to lead this offense. In Week 13 a Arizona Cardinals get their multiplication rivals a St Louis Rams, whom on a deteriorate are permitting 111 rushing yards per diversion to hostile offenses (21st in a NFL).

The Cardinals are now averaging 28 designed runs per diversion (309 rush att.). There is no discuss of a volume being there for Johnson this week, and he’s a good gamble to put his receiving skills to work as one of his 3 receiving touchdowns in 2015 came opposite a Rams DST behind in Week 4. If we already owned David Johnson acclamation to you, if not, and he’s still available, get him ASAP.

David Johnson is accessible in 57% of Yahoo leagues and 38.3% of leagues during ESPN. He feels like a no brainier start for me with all a injuries this positions had already taken.

1. Julius Thomas, TE JAC

I’ve been constantly revelation people not to start Julius Thomas until he shows us something. Well, we consider a time has come.

In Week 13 Julius Thomas will get a shot during a Tennessee Titans’ invulnerability that on a year has given adult 20 flitting touchdowns (7th worst). Since Thomas’ lapse in Week 5, he’s averaging 6.8 targets per diversion and recently came off a deteriorate high with 11.

This week Julius will demeanour to measure once again after entrance off behind to behind games with a touchdown in each. Thomas has already flashed his large play ability (last week he went 9-116-1) and it might get even improved as Allen Hurns will expected skip Sunday’s game. Julius is an comprehensive close for 10+ targets and should be a critical focal indicate of a pass initial offense (61.2% flitting plays). To tip it all off, of a league’s tip 12 pass defenses, a Tennessee Titans are giving adult a second many sum points per diversion with 23.4 — a stat that Blake Bortles desperately needs to read. At a position that’s thinner than Calista Flockheart, we need to squeeze Julius wherever available.

Currently Julius Thomas is accessible in 25% of Yahoo leagues and in 30.4% of leagues during ESPN. Look, if Julius is accessible in a singular league, we play in and we don’t squeeze him afterwards I’m only going to assume we suffer losing. Don’t make this mistake.

Good fitness this week everyone.

As always we can find me on chatter @AnOutragedJew if we have sit/start questions or wish erotic dating advice.

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