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October 23, 2014 - Picnic Time

The propagandize year is divided into four-nine week periods. St. Tammany Parish schools have recently finished a first-nine weeks, that means…REPORT CARDS.

Many students panic when news cards come out, though no need to tatter only nonetheless since colleges especially demeanour during a averaged category during a division mark. The first-nine weeks are always a hardest since everybody is still perplexing to turn acclimated to a new year. After these initial weeks are over, it is time for students to moment down and concentration on removing those grades to be a best they can be.

The commencement of a second-nine weeks is a new start. Students have a event to start purify and say good grades. Keeping grades adult is a formidable task, though as a student, it is critical to stay on tip of things and not let yourself tumble behind. All students are speedy to pull themselves academic-wise, and truly try to ready themselves for college.

At Northshore High School, a expertise and staff do a good pursuit of pulling a students and scheming them for a future. The principlal, Mr. Jabbia, mostly reminds a students of a significance of good grades and tries to keep everybody encouraged to succeed.

Good fitness to all students starting a new 9 weeks.

Senior Picnic

Senior year is sparkling with many things constantly going on. The annual NHS Senior Picnic was recently put on. Each year, all of a seniors accumulate during a Northshore Harbor Center and attend in many games and activities.

Throughout a day, a students are authorised to food down on tasty food for breakfast, snacks, and lunch. There is always a accumulation of food and games. The games operation from inflatables, to stone climbing walls, and even a one-legged race. For many of a games, winners accept prizes, such as present cards.

Every year, a print counter is set adult for all of a seniors to take cinema and remember this fun-filled day. Sarah Barakat, a comparison during NHS, exclaims, “The cruise was so most fun! There was a lot to eat. we unequivocally enjoyed spending time with my classmates during this final year in high school.”

Barakat, along with other seniors, all enjoyed a initial of many festivities of comparison year, alongside their peers.

Swim Team Senior Night

There are many bittersweet tools of comparison year. The Panther float group recently famous a seniors on a float group for all of their tough work and loyalty to a group over their high propagandize career. Senior night is a special night that shows appreciation to a graduating category for all they have contributed to a team.

Swimming is fun sport, though also requires a lot of work. The seniors on a float group this year are Sarah Barakat, Jacob Sterbenz, Katherine Kjios and Stacey Webb. Sterbenz and Barakat are this year’s captains and have both been on a float group for 4 years. Webb has also been on a group for 4 years, and Kjios is a new comer from California this year. These 4 swimmers are good examples for a other swimmers, and have truly set a bar high.

Congratulations to all of a comparison swimmers during Northshore High School.

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