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February 4, 2016 - Picnic Time

The 2016 Pioneer Press Treasure Hunt was the initial in some-more than a decade that went down to a 12th and final clue.

Christopher Jozwiak, Phillip Kitzer and Heather Vocke, all of Minneapolis, found a insignia late Wednesday in a woods nearby a Bald Eagle Lake vessel ramp north of White Bear Lake.

The final time a hunt went to a final idea was 2004, when Luis and Virginia Ibarra found a insignia about 8 hours after a final idea was published. The insignia was lax in a sleet during Phalen Park after apparently being dislodged from a immature frosted doughnut it was dark with.

The doughnut, maybe eaten by squirrels, was never found.

Jesse Anibas, author of “Pioneer Press Treasure Hunt History,” had likely this year’s would be a longest hunt on record. “There’s a lot of sleet out there,” he pronounced Wednesday.

In 66 prior hunts, the insignia always has been found. The latest it incited adult was 5 p.m. on a final day of a 1984 hunt, scarcely 18 hours after a final idea came out.

Even before a feet of sleet fell on most of a hunt area Tuesday and Wednesday, a clues this year kept hunters scratching their heads longer than usual. After Clue 10, Anibas pronounced hunters still were noodling over Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary, Battle Creek and Bald Eagle Lake, among other probable stealing sites.

Anibas pronounced he had a park in mind for his final effort, though he was customarily about 90 percent sure. He said that while this year’s clues were vague, that is customarily a box a year after a brief hunt. Last year’s insignia was found after only 5 clues. The  previous 12-clue hunts, the 2003 insignia in Como Park and a 2004 insignia in Phalen Park, followed a 2002 hunt when a insignia was found after 6 clues.

“The idea author this year did accurately what we approaching him to do after a brief hunt,” Anibas said. “If we demeanour behind to 2003, a clues were so vague, we never got to Como until Clue 11.”

Here’s a list of other hunts that went down to a final clue, gleaned from a Anibas book, that is accessible during his website,  

  • 1962:  Mr. and Mrs. John Michaud found a insignia about noon in a hard-packed cake of sleet on a site intended out for a destiny Interstate 35E, only west of Lawson Avenue and Mississippi Street.   
  • 1967: Harvey and Rita Etzler found it about 12:45 p.m. in a horseshoe on a Minnesota State Fairgrounds Midway.
  • 1970: Linda and Mary Hollanitsch, Kris Rayment, Margaret Anderson and Jerome Wandschneider found it about 11:30 a.m. in a steel vise on a 50-yard line of a football margin during Battle Creek Park.
  • 1971: John F. Fastner found it about noon in a circle of a baby cart nearby a seaside of Wakefield Lake.
  • 1973: Michael Hurley, Chris and Todd Bunde and Jim Zielinski found it about noon nearby a light stick north of a Phalen Park Pavilion.
  • 1978: Bev and Diane Gerber and Rita Taylor found it about 10 a.m. in a solidified round of watered-down divert nearby a Harriet Island Pavilion.
  • 1981: Frank Klapak and Wesley Etzler found it about 3 a.m. in dual ash leaves nearby a Acorn Park skating rinks.
  • 1984: Kirk Condie found it about 5 p.m. in a damaged 45 record nearby a Newell Park footpath.
  • 1988: Mike and Donny Madland found it about midnight, shortly after a clue’s release, in a cube of almond bellow nearby a bathrooms during Tony Schmidt Park in Arden Hills.
  • 1989: Mike and Dan Reinartz and Jim Murphy found it about 1:45 a.m. in a span of white earmuffs between a hedgerows nearby a State Capitol Veterans Memorial.
  • 1993: Tom and Dan Opatz, Phil Sinn and Mark Nicklawske found it about 12:15 a.m. in a diaper south of a Hidden Falls cruise area.
  • 1996: Charles Kester and Eric Taylor found it a morning of a final day in a Skoal tin nearby a Harriet Island cruise shelter.
  • 2003: Michael Corrigan, Craig Black and Josh Stender found it about 11:45 p.m., mins after recover of a final clue,  in a retard of ice nearby a aged grate in Como Park.
  • 2004: Luis and Virginia Ibarra found it about 7:45 a.m. lax in a sleet after it fell out of the immature frosted doughnut between Round Lake and Lake Phalen during Phalen Park.

The Pioneer Press Treasure Hunt is presented by Fury Jeep.

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