Obama’s Picnic: Campaign Pablum And Personal-Pronoun Salad

September 18, 2014 - Picnic Time

President Barack Obama invited all of Congress and their families to a summer picnic, though he served adult a debate debate sandwiched between vast dollops of a personal pronoun.

That’s not a best approach to retreat a deepening arrogance in D.C. that Obama is out of hold with legislators, privately demure to association with his inherent inferiors, and incompetent to convince possibly Democrats or Republicans to jointly risk domestic repairs for accord policies that advantage a nation.

Obama began a six-minute, 780-word debate by observant “Hello, everybody! It is a ideal night for a picnic” — and followed that adult with 7 sentences commencement with “I.”

“I’m anxious that everybody is here. we took off my tie — we beheld some of we didn’t get a memo. But we know that a lot of we are entrance true from work. I’m not going to make a prolonged speech. we wish to shake as many hands as possible. we wish we guys are carrying a smashing time,” pronounced Obama.

The executive partial of a debate was merely stump-speech boilerplate, finish with a poke during a GOP.

“America is now positioned improved than we could have ever imagined,” he said.

“If we continue to act in a interests of all of us, and if each once in a while we’re peaceful to set aside politics and try to get something done, there’s no doubt that we can make certain a schools work better. There’s no doubt that we can make certain that a roads and a bridges and a infrastructure works a approach it should,” he said, as if Hill legislators were low-information electorate on a some college campus in northern Virginia.

“There’s no doubt that, given we still have a many innovative companies in a world, that we can attain and that we can continue to put income into investigate and growth and heal diseases, and continue to lead a universe when it comes to not only confidence though also traffic with issues like Ebola and creation certain that some-more people are protected and well-housed and well-fed, and children and girls are removing a kind of preparation they deserve,” he continued.

He did embody a seemly criticism to a families of a politicians during a event.

“Being married to a politician is not easy. And being a partner of a politician, being a child of a politician — it’s hard,” he said. “And infrequently we see your desired one attacked, and infrequently we seem not appreciated, and they’re divided too most and you’re carrying to shoulder some of a burdens of a family. … we only wish to contend appreciate you,” he continued.

He resolved by observant that holding selfies with everybody might take too long.

“And finally … we am going to pitch down a ropeline. we wish to shake as many hands as we can. I will tell we in allege that selfies are a small tough only since if I’m doing 2,000 selfies afterwards we won’t be finished until 10 in a evening,” he said.

But, he added, “I will make exceptions for small people … we meant young, we don’t meant short.”

Most cruise attendees were Democrats, and their numbers were increased by a brood of administration officials, according to media reports.

The enclosed Secretary of State John Kerry, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, and Obama’s arch of staff, Denis McDonough.

GOP attendees enclosed Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona, Sen. Mike Johanns of Nebraska, and Sen. John Hoeven of North Dakota.

The top ranking GOP politician during a eventuality was Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. House Speaker John Boehner did not dump by.

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