Officer Patrick’s private fight opposite Mendota Heights PD

May 2, 2015 - Picnic Time

FOX 9 News (KMSP) Unknown to a ubiquitous public, 4 months before he was killed, Officer Scott Patrick filed a lawsuit opposite a City of Mendota Heights, claiming whistleblower nuisance and workplace retaliation. His widow, Michelle, recently filed a suit to keep a lawsuit alive, even after her husband’s death. It wasn’t until afterwards she detected a border and bulk of a difficulty he was carrying during work.

“I have come opposite some paperwork things and schooled he was bullied during work,” Michelle said. “And it’s unequivocally tough since we didn’t know beforehand. He kept a lot he didn’t wish us to know. we knew things weren’t right during work, yet we left it adult to him to tell us.”

According to a lawsuit, a difficulty began 7 years ago, when Officer Patrick saw 2 associate officers relocating a cruise list to city gymnasium from a aged Lilydale Tennis Club, that was being demolished. Patrick reported what he deliberate to be a skill burglary by city employees to Mendota Heights Police Chief Michael Aschenbrener, who, according to a lawsuit, suspicion it wasn’t burglary yet a “mistake in judgment.” Patrick filed a censure opposite a arch alleging “a allotment of controversial ethics and rapist violations.”

In Jan of 2012, Chief Aschenbrener dangling Patrick for a week, after Patrick arrested a stranded engineer for unfinished conduct. A sleet plow motorist corroborated adult a officer’s story, observant a lady was angry, and conspicuous Patrick “was traffic with her a best he could.” He was also criticized for not carrying his patrol automobile video activated. On appeal, a state go-between reduced a punishment to usually a created reprimand.

Patrick documented a plea — what he interpreted as payback. One day, his patrol automobile was changed by a sergeant who parked it usually inches divided from another squad, gripping Patrick, who was admittedly overweight, from removing into his squad. There was also a time a tag of rodent poisoning was allegedly slipped into Patrick’s locker. The officer didn’t tell his mother about possibly incident. Same story with an email he perceived from a city shortly before he was killed. The city was charity him a settlement, early retirement, to leave a department.

“They were pulling him out,” Michelle said.

And usually days before he was killed, Patrick was dangling once more, for a day, for unwell to spin over a audio recordings he’d done documenting his conversations with a chief.

Officer Patrick: “You know where I’m entrance from. Hopefully you’re not gunning for me and perplexing to get me fired.”

Chief Aschenbrener: “Well, if we was gunning to get we fired, you’d already know it.”

Officer Patrick: “Probably.”

Michelle believes a highlight of being a whistleblower and of operative in an allegedly antagonistic work sourroundings might have, in some tiny yet really genuine way, contributed to his killing. In a video from a day he was killed, viewers can see Officer Patrick has a conspicuous eye tingle that Michelle says he grown from stress. And in a final seconds of his life, when Officer Patrick gets out of his squad, he looks down, branch on his microphone, usually as a gunman, Brian Fitch, opens fire.

“He was disturbed about, after a fact, of how was a city and a arch are going to demeanour during this report,” Michelle said. “How did we screw adult even yet we did all right?”

Fox 9 reached out to Chief Aschenbrener and to Mendota Heights Mayor Sandra Krebsbach. They both declined interviews. In an email, a city’s profession said: “The reasons for disciplining Patrick are probable and supported…While a lawsuit was pending, Officer Patrick was tragically killed in a line of duty. Like all Minnesotans, a city was repelled and saddened by his death. The city extended and continues to extend a condolences to Officer Patrick’s widow, children, friends, and family members.”

Patrick’s coworkers have rallied around a family, even holding his daughter, Amy, to a Father-Daughter Dance during School. But for those he left behind there is also an definite anger.

“Those are a people who took my father divided from me while he was still living,” his oldest daughter Erin said.

“Every time we hear a arch speak it’s all lies, entrance adult with whatever he can about Scott. In reality, we consider he’s blissful Scott’s dead. It’s a thorn out of his side,” Michelle said.

To some, a cruise list might sound like a sparse emanate to risk a career. But Michelle conspicuous her father was a male who had a transparent clarity of right and wrong, and she has no doubt he died a favourite — all a some-more so for what he had to continue on a job.

Reporter, Tom Lyden: It sounds like we not usually mislaid him in a line of avocation yet 3 or 4 years before he was killed?

Michelle: “Exactly. we mislaid him prolonged before and I’m not certain we would’ve gotten any of it behind if he was still here.”

Reporter, Tom Lyden: That has to be really formidable to say.’

Michelle: “It’s really difficult.”

A Dakota County decider ruled progressing this month that Patrick’s lawsuit can continue, with Michelle behaving his surrogate. The city is seeking a justice to boot a lawsuit. A polite hearing is scheduled for July.

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