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July 24, 2014 - Picnic Time

Howard Vroman, 68, has lived in Ferndale his whole life, as did his relatives and grandparents, so Ferndale’s Old Settlers Picnic has been a family tradition.

The eventuality takes place Thursday by Sunday, Jul 24-27, during Pioneer Park and in downtown Ferndale.

“I know that my Grandpa Vroman did not like to skip any of a picnics,” he says. “It was a usually jubilee around. Before a Northwest Washington Fair, before Blossom Time, and all a other internal celebrations.”

Vroman, a member of Old Settlers Association, says a jubilee began in 1895, with a initial one hold during Birch Bay, hence a eventuality name “picnic.”

It was dictated as a get-together for a initial county settlers.

“I have been told that as it grew a whole county ‘shut down’ to attend,” Vroman says, so cow-milking got finished early.

The cruise was dictated as a county celebration, and it still is, he says, even yet any city in Whatcom County has a possess village festival.

What creates a Old Settlers Picnic singular are a tours of a 15 record cabins during Pioneer Park, still a categorical attraction, as it should be, given they are a large partial of Whatcom history, Vroman says.

Jon Mutchler, a Ferndale City Council member, internal priest and an Old Settlers trustee, says a organisation takes on a shortcoming and caring of a cruise and a grand parade, and, along with Ferndale Heritage Society, say a cabins, that were once owned by a Old Settlers though means to a city in 1972.

Kimberlee Cruz has been a keeper with Old Settlers for 3 months though has volunteered a past 3 years. She assimilated a organisation to share her adore of aged times with her kids, a same approach her great-grandparents, grandparents and mom did with her.

Cruz says a cabins are in their strange state from a late 1800s to early 1900s. The cabins also have duration decorations for visitors to get an thought of how people lived and worked in a aged days.

She adds that from a strange cruise in Birch Bay, a eventuality took figure from a Grange movement, reconstruction meetings, church socials and county fairs to develop into what’s now a four-day festival.

Cruz says some attractions new this year embody a kids’ karaoke competition Friday afternoon, and ZigZag and Ragz Z Clowns on Friday and Saturday.

Other highlights embody a cancer advantage with song by a Atlantics on Thursday, a kids’ march Friday, a 5K fun run/2-mile travel and a grand march on Saturday, and “Pops in a Park” with Whatcom Symphony Orchestra on Sunday.

“Even for people not from this area, it still gives a good perspective of a life people lived here in Whatcom County before a 1900s,” Vroman says “It is still good for all of us to get a perspective of the birthright and how the grandparents and great-grand relatives lived, as it is unfit to put a record cabin in the backyard.”


When: Thursday by Sunday, Jul 24-27.

Where: Pioneer Park, 2004 Cherry St., Ferndale.

Details: whatcomoldsettlers.com, 360-224-8128, and Whatcom Old Settlers on Facebook.

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