Old Timers Picnic looks low into Pasco’s past

October 10, 2014 - Picnic Time

— The annual Old Timers Picnic will be hold Saturday during Clayton Auditorium on a Pasco County Fairgrounds, 36722 State Road 52, Dade City. The picnic, that has been on a second Saturday of Oct for some-more than 60 years, is open to anyone who has lived in Pasco County for some-more than 20 years.

The initial cruise was hold in 1924 or 1925, pronounced Bill Burkett, former boss of a Pasco County Old Timers Association for 35 years; Burkett is a father of a stream organisation boss Tim Burkett and his daughter, Cindy, is organisation clamp president.

“My grandmother, named Hattie Burkett, she started it during a aged home place [near Dade City] and afterwards it grew some-more and more. At that time we had to be vital in Pasco County 40 years and after we forsaken it down to 20 years,” he said.

Burkett deserves a pretension of a Pasco County aged timer “I been here given 1930 and my daddy was innate in Pasco County. My good granddaddy bought this 40 acres we live on behind in a center 1800s, he said.” The Burkett birthplace is located 3 miles west of Dade City.

“We used to have some-more than 300 come to a party,” Burkett recalled. “It was hold out during Drew Pond for many years.” In a 1950s, a cruise was changed a Pasco County Fairgrounds.

Tim Burkett and his cabinet members will prepare fish and hush puppies. Ice tea and lemonade will also be served. While there is no charge, a organisation does ask for a concession to assistance defray a cost of a fish.

Participants are asked to move lonesome dishes, along with their possess list service. In further to a common covered-dish fares, those attending will be means to ambience dishes served years ago by Pasco County pioneers, including guava cobbler, butter beans, and corn fritters. Dinner will be served during noon.

“Old timers” are speedy to come early, stay late, and move aged print and journal clippings to share.

“We give out gifts to a oldest lady and one for a oldest male and a integrate that’s married a longest with both of them in attendance, and whoever trafficked a farthest to get here, and infrequently they come from utterly all over. We have one some-more that we give out for a family with a many people in attendance,” Bill Burkett said.

The cruise is not as vast as it used to be, Bill Burkett said.

“Young people are not as concerned as they used to be. They got boats and cars and so on; there’s a lot to do,” Bill Burkett said.

Old timers are speedy to come and move their children and grandchildren, he said.

For some-more information about Old Timers Picnic call Bill Burkett or his wife, Shirley, during (352) 567-3996.

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