Opening of 2 Chandler parks signifies mercantile recovery

October 14, 2014 - Picnic Time

Chandler’s latest park additions not usually propel a city toward a idea of one area park any block mile though also weigh that a city is relocating past a recession.

Centennial Park, a scarcely 11-acre area park in south Chandler, non-stop on Oct. 3, and a approximately 9.5-acre Valencia Park, also in south Chandler, non-stop Oct. 10, according to Chandler mouthpiece Brooke Peterson.

The pattern for Centennial began in 2006 though a plan was deferred when a economy slowed, Park Planning Superintendent Don Tolle said.

Valencia had been designed for several years and was designed in 2013, Tolle said.

“It demonstrates to Chandler adults a significance it is to legislature to rise area parks,” pronounced Jennifer Morrison, executive of Community and Neighborhood Services. “This is unequivocally a time when we’re entrance out of (the recession) and we unequivocally do cruise a opening of these dual new parks signifies a spin for a economy in Chandler for us, in terms of park development.”

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Both parks have shadowy stadium equipment, open weed areas, park furniture, during slightest one cruise ramada, a basketball justice and a sand-volleyball court, Peterson said.

Construction took about 5 months, according to Peterson.

Chandler has 11 village parks and 52 area parks, according to a website. While a city intends to have a area park any block mile, it would like village parks, that are incomparable and have some-more amenities, such as restrooms, in any three-mile radius, according to Tolle.

In 2013, a city built one park — Roadrunner Neighborhood Park – and nothing in 2012.

“Last year, we had to reason behind on a lot of things. All we could do was hardly say what we had,” pronounced Linda Peterson-Price, Parks and Recreation Board chair.

The new parks cost some-more than $1.2 million each, according to Tolle.

The city’s 2014-15 adopted bill sets aside about $7.5 million this mercantile year for parks operations and maintenance.

With a mercantile improvement, park officials have stretched services.

Peterson-Price pronounced that city residents have asked a house about adding amenities, such as courts for pickleball and bocceball.

“Last year, we couldn’t even cruise a probability since of a economy,” Peterson-Price said. “Now we can during slightest plead it, and we are.”

Chandler Mayor Jay Tibshraeny, City Council and Parks Recreation Board members will horde loyalty ceremonies for Centennial on Saturday, Oct. 18, during 9 a.m., and for Valencia during 10 a.m.

Centennial Park, during 2475 E. Markwood Drive, is west of Cooper Road, between Queen Creek and Ocotillo roads.

Valencia Park, during 3701 E. Desert Jewel Blvd., is easterly of Gilbert Road between Chandler Heights and Riggs roads. ​

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