OSU Baja hosts cruise and continuation competition during campus exam track

November 16, 2015 - Picnic Time

Baja Car

Baja Car

Connor Williams, a construction government sophomore, drives a Baja automobile during an OSU Baja foe group event. These Baja cars are off-road racecars that are built by scratch.

Posted: Sunday, Nov 15, 2015 6:48 pm

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OSU Baja hosts cruise and continuation foe during campus exam track

Stetson Payne, Staff Reporter, @ocolly

The O’Colly

The breeze carries clouds of dirt from a track, past a yellow counsel fasten and into a crowd.   

Connor Williams, a construction government sophomore, tightens a four-point strap and puts on his goggles under his helmet. A crew member pulls a cord to start a engine, and now it’s all in a driver’s hands. The motorist is a keystone for a plan months, and infrequently years, in a making. 

The Oklahoma State University Baja foe group hosted a cruise during a exam lane north of campus Saturday, when teams from 5 colleges came to eat burgers and put down laps on the tight, technical course. Williams, OSU Baja’s build group leader, pronounced a product on the track takes hours of pattern and shop work to get to the course.  

“Every year, we pattern and build an off-road-race-car from scratch,” Williams said. “The hardest partial about building a cars is coherence since we wish to have a best product available. We honour ourselves on carrying one of a best cars during a show.” 

Collegiate Baja racing is about continuation and ingenuity. Cars are built to exist a competition, not customarily to outrun. The four-hour races exam continuance as most as speed. It’s improved to have a slower, unchanging automobile than a faster, dangerous one.  

Each June, the build group personality and members of a pattern organisation start piecing a automobile together on a mechanism program, SolidworksThey emanate a digital plans where a team’s automobile is budgeted and polished over the summer months. 

Sometimes an comparison automobile will be mutated as a explanation of judgment before a full build begins. Every part, down to a frame, is built in a emporium by group members, costing some-more than $15,000 in tools alone. Team impost and sponsorships compensate for a full project, and cost is deliberate during competitions.  

The cars are built around a specific 15-horsepower Briggs Stratton grass mower motor, though from there it’s adult to a teams to urge from final year’s build. Twenty percent of a automobile has to be redesigned from final year’s acquiescence as a approach to keep inhabitant competitions progressive. OSU Baja President Carson Depew said the foe at the national foe is a incomparable chronicle of Saturday’s race. 

 “On a final day of foe there’s a four-hour continuation foe where we all get together on a same lane that’s customarily about dual and a half miles long,” Depew said. “There’s customarily about 100 teams and we foe circle to circle for 4 hours. Repairs are done as needed, and there’s customarily a lot of disharmony during a commencement of a race.” 

At OSU, a group is a large family. Former members revisit mostly to assistance test, correct and guide a team. OSU Baja spends around 200 hours during a exam track each season clocking path times and contrast adjustments. The car eventually taken to the national foe typically gets a meagre 10 hours on track before a week of competition.  

Anyone on a group can drive, though spots on a foe motorist list are dynamic by path time. Driving in Baja takes refinement and a nerve to tame the varying terrain. Narrow marks and unsafe jumps take use and pointing to keep from deleterious a car.  

Throughout a foe day, a lane claimed several cars from a countless jumps and severe corners. The cars’ steering and cessation were underneath consistent threat, with mixed teams carrying to reinstate or reconstruct components at a track after tough landings.  

Just like any kind of motor sport, there are fundamental risks. A Kansas State driver was treated and expelled from a Stillwater Medical Center after he flipped a automobile on a tabletop jump, wanting stitches in his leg.  

The tabletop jump is an addition to a OSU exam track and punishes impatient drivers. Hitting a burst with too most speed roughly always flips the car finish over end off of a nose, famous as an “endo” to drivers. After 3 tough flips on Saturday, OSU Baja rerouted a march around a burst to equivocate another.  

Alice Montague, a automatic engineering and aerospace junior, flipped OSU’s 94 automobile in fantastic conform on a jump. Despite a tenderness and tough impact of a crash, Montague said she was excellent thanks to a build of a car, that survived with usually a scratch 

It was scary, though also not that bad since we feel flattering good in the hurl cage,” Montague said. 

The mid-season cruise had a loose atmosphere as teams gave new drivers some valuable pushing time and veterans a possibility to test their limits. There was no prudent technical investigation or a sales display like competition. The customarily vigour was gripping a continuous Oklahoma breeze from floating divided a food table.  

Soon, the fledgling support sitting in a OSU Baja emporium will take form into its 2016 entry. Last year, the group finished the inhabitant continuation foe in 24th out of some-more than a 100 entries. Of those, hardly 30 finished a foe during all. Williams pronounced it’s a swell of a group that creates a work value it.  

“I like saying something go from a mechanism all a approach to a final theatre of indeed removing to expostulate it,” Williams said. “It’s overwhelming to take honour in something that we built from a belligerent adult with a team.” 



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