Pack your sweeping and wellies, it’s Picnic time

August 23, 2015 - Picnic Time

Ready to stone 'n' roll: Grace Jones will take centre state during a Electric Picnic while other title acts embody a Boomtown Rats, Blur Florence and a Machine and a really possess Roisin Murphy.
Ready to stone ‘n’ roll: Grace Jones will take centre state during a Electric Picnic while other title acts embody a Boomtown Rats, Blur Florence and a Machine and a really possess Roisin Murphy.
Donegal grub

If we haven’t got your tickets protected by now, it’s going to take a spectacle to acquire some. The Electric Picnic competence only be a country’s favourite song festival during this stage, with tickets offered quick and mad a impulse they go on sale.


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This year’s choice is a dream, and a showcase of all a festival has turn famous for – a multiple of big-names with big-credibility acts, as good as a new and unexpected, and a quirky and hilarious. Grace Jones, The Boomtown Rats, Blur, Roisin Murphy, Underworld, Florence and a Machine, Le Galaxie and some-more – far, distant some-more – together with copiousness of interesting sideshows, including a Current Affairs and Political Cabaret, Leviathan 3-D Debate, a Hot Press Chat Room. And afterwards there’s a food cause – offerings from Domini and Peaches Kemp, JP McMahon, a Happy Pear guys, Joe Macken and many more, definition festival-goers are well-fed as good as entertained and educated. And that’s not even counting a weather-predictors who swear a going to be a scorcher. . . Yes, it’s all about Sep 4-6 right now.

One year on and all’s good in a most tastier Ringsend

The Artisan Parlour and Grocery in Ringsend was non-stop by Martin Thomas a year ago, to a few still naysayers who muttered that it would ‘never work’. One year on, and they have been converted into eager supporters, won turn by a process of “honest Irish grub” that Martin operates.

Voted one of Paolo Tullio’s Top Nine Places To Eat in 2015, a Artisan Parlour serves things like delayed roasted Ardee pig swell with lettuce, tomato and mustard mayo on good bread, and their famous Crowe’s smoked ham pawn and Hegarty’s cheddar toastie surfaced with wholegrain mustard bechamel sauce. In doing so, they are bolstering a flourishing tradition of good food, well-sourced and well-served, around a area, fluctuating a colourful new dining stage over Grand Canal Street and down into Irishtown. With a customers done adult of locals as most as a new tech workers, they are clearly doing something really right.

Ludick takes his singular designs from ceramics vases to rugs

Andrew Ludick is an artist operative in ceramics, formulating bowls, jugs, vases and broches that are elegant, smart and really appreciative on a eye. Born in a USA, he complicated Illustration during a Columbus College of Art and Design, Ohio before relocating to Ireland in 2003, where he now lives in Kilkenny. Influenced by Native American and African inland art and music, as good as artists and musicians such as Paul Klee, John ffrench, Peter Bruegel, Lester Young and Thelonious Monk, Ludick’s work is though really most his own; particular and attractive. Recently, as partial of Irish Design 2015, Andrew has collaborated with Ceadogan Rugs, a Co Wexford association who emanate contemporary engineer rugs and wall-hangings, in wools and silks, mostly designed for specific spaces. Together, Andrew and Ceadogan have constructed a smashing array of rugs and hangings, building on a ceramic designs, though on a most incomparable scale, and wholly in gripping with Andrew’s style.

Taste a disproportion in Donegal

The biggest gastronomic spectacular of a North West is positively The Taste of Donegal, using from Aug 28-30 in a specially-built tented encampment on a post during Donegal town, set opposite a stately backdrop of a Blue Stack plateau and Atlantic Ocean. Master of Ceremonies for a three-day eventuality is a warm ubiquitous manager of Harvey’s Point Hotel, Noel Cunningham. With good over 100 food and splash exhibitors, including tip hotels and restaurants, this is an action-packed foodie festival. The many stalls will showcase and sell workman produce, booze and qualification beers from all over Ireland and a UK, with tastings from a accumulation of producers of confectionery, dilettante foods, meat, fish, and dairy products, as good as high-profile cookery demonstrations by luminary chefs, including Catherine Fulvio, Neven Maguire and Kevin Dundon. Then there are master classes in a accumulation of skills, including cheese and tofu-making, as good as a 2015 Passion To Inspire Chefs Competition.

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