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November 16, 2014 - Picnic Time

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PARADISE GT;GT; Ice skating in Paradise is back.

Kids and adults enjoyed skating over a weekend, as a Paradise Ice Rink non-stop Saturday.

Chris Tippets and Brittany Howerton, of Chico, brought their 3 children to skate, a youngest for a initial time.

“We’ve got to use a skills a small more,” Howerton pronounced with a laugh. “It’s a good experience, we’ll really be back.”

Howerton pronounced a kids desired skating and they all had smiles as they sipped prohibited chocolate from a concessions stand.

“It was a good solid upsurge via a day, it got a small some-more swarming in a evening,” pronounced concessions manager Steve “Woody” Culleton.

Culleton pronounced a course during a Paradise Recreation and Park District has some new facilities compared to final year, including a park-run benefaction mount and a building that houses a skates now, though has removable walls and will be an alfresco cruise area in a summer.

The new structure will have a park-run Igloo Cafe inside with food like prohibited dogs and soothing pretzels for sale, Culleton said. Construction was behind on a building since of late deliveries, though Culleton approaching a building to be finish by Saturday.

The ice course was hugely renouned in a opening deteriorate final year, Culleton said. The parks district had to put around $85,000 into scheming a park for a rink, that is rented from Magic Ice USA, and a debt was approaching to take during slightest 3 years to compensate off. After final year’s amiable winter and a rink’s success, a cost should be met by a finish of this season.

Sonja Wallace, of Paradise, and Leslie Rasmussen, of Chico, skated final season, though initial visited a course a weekend before it closed.

“We desired it so most we motionless we would buy a possess skates,” Wallace said. “We wanted to be here a weekend it non-stop this year. It’s a idea to be here each weekend.”

Wallace pronounced a dual nurses would like to see set times for adults usually or even a ladies night on a ice.

Jacie Rogers went to a ice course Sunday with a Magalia Community Church girl group.

The 9-year-old pronounced training how to ice movement during a course final year helped with another form of skating.

“I went Rollerblading for my birthday, and we was like a pro.”

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