Paralyzed ex-Daniel Webster star Daris Cosby keeps a faith

December 29, 2014 - Picnic Time

CAMILLUS, N.Y. — The basement where Daris Cosby spends any day is neat yet cramped, with a pleasing perspective of a backyard woods from a windows adjacent to his hospital-style bed.

“We call it a meditative room,’’ Cosby’s mother, Darlene Branch, common with a caller this month while she sat nearby a feet of her son’s bed. “This is where we consider . . . and we pray. It’s a recovering place.’’

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It is prayer, unconstrained faith, and a indifferent faith that Cosby will see softened times that sustains everybody who comes and goes from a family’s ranch-style home here on Autumn Lane. Cosby, a standout basketball brazen for Daniel Webster College in Nashua, N.H., a final 4 seasons, has been inept from a neck down given Jun 2, following a horrific single-car collision late that night along Interstate 90 nearby Albany.

The pile-up left Cosby, 23, sixth all-time in scoring for Daniel Webster (1,342 points), with a damaged neck and dual other fractures of his spinal column, tying his mobility to prejudiced use of one arm. In a six-plus months given a collision — many of it spent in hospitals and rehab comforts — Cosby has schooled again how to use a spoon, how to rinse his face, and scarcely how to master a once-simple act of pulling on his shirt.

It is all a struggle, a strong one, yet one that has left Cosby, his mom Ashia, his hermit Will, and his mom unaffected that he will delight over a daunting competition of near-total quadriplegia. Meanwhile, astronomical medical bills hurl in (potentially ceiling of $3 million, according to his mother) and a days widen on and on, filled with home visits from nurses and earthy therapists, unconstrained hours of examination television, praying, thinking, and healing.

“I only know this won’t be my life,’’ pronounced Cosby, regularly observant his Christian faith is what continues to yield him a wish of recovery. “Hebrews 11:1 reads, ‘Faith is a piece of things hoped for . . . ’ We all keep that in a hearts and minds, continue to pray, continue to believe. There are some things that are thrown during we that exam your faith, no doubt . . . and this is one of ’em.’’

The accident

According to Ashia Cosby, who was during a circle of a couple’s Chevy Aveo hatchback during a time of a accident, a final thing she remembers before to collision is that a dashboard time review 10:42 p.m. Moments before, Daris, entirely reclined in a front newcomer chair and seatbelt unbuckled, asked her if she was OK. Ashia certain him she was fine, far-reaching awake, and they were on aim to be behind in Nashua by 2 or 3 a.m.

They would be home in time for a cruise after that week with friends from college. It was going to be a fun and sparkling summer, including a vacation to Myrtle Beach, S.C., to applaud their third marriage anniversary. Then on to Italy during a finish of summer, for Daris to start his pro career, and maybe one day, he hoped, make it to a NBA. He wrote a minute to his mom in a third grade, thanking her for all a good things in his life, assuring her that he would make it to a NBA and yield for her.

“All we can contend is that we did not tumble asleep,’’ pronounced Ashia, 26, sitting on her full-sized bed that also occupies a family meditative room. “Maybe it was a deer, or we got cut off by another automobile . . . yet we did not tumble asleep. we know a lot of people consider that, yet we am certain we was awake.’’

Amid a wreckage, pronounced Ashia, she recalls conference Daris yelling, “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!’’ But she couldn’t see her husband, even yet it sounded like he was subsequent to her, yelling directly in her ear. They waited, a crumpled automobile pinning Ashia to a belligerent by her right leg, a dual praying aloud, reminding one another to sojourn calm. The puncture vehicles arrived, flashing red lights trenchant a darkness.

“We were arrange of carrying this debate, behind and forth, who should go initial to a hospital,’’ removed Ashia, who was a amicable workman in Lowell when her father was a tyro during Daniel Webster. “I wanted him to go first, yet he wanted it to be me. Back and forth. Then one of a puncture workers pronounced Daris had no feeling in his body, so they had to take him first.’’

Ashia spent weeks during Albany Medical Center to redeem from injuries to her legs, top body, and face. She suffered no stoppage and appears on lane to a full recovery. Daris, who compulsory mixed surgeries during a medical core to stabilise a fractures to his neck and spine, was not expelled from sanatorium caring until Nov. 13. He had extensive stays during mixed medical facilities, including AMC, a Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital in Schenectady, and Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, before finally being discharged.

Support system

Understanding a plea forward of her son, Darlene Branch sealed adult her unit in Syracuse and changed a family bottom to Camillus, about 30 mins southwest of Syracuse. Her son Will, 26, left his pursuit as a Wendy’s manager nearby Utica to assistance full time with Daris. Now they are together underneath one roof, providing pillars of mutual strength, with Daris cramped to his bed, a New York Knicks sweeping covering his feet.

“I’m a Lakers and a Patriots fan,’’ Will pronounced to a new visitor, professing his indebtedness for New England quarterback Tom Brady. “Proven winners.’’

He is here, pronounced Will, to assistance his hermit come out of this a winner.

“I am a one who initial put a basketball in his hand,’’ pronounced Will, recalling their times flourishing adult during Steuben Street Park in Utica, their names, he said, to this day spray-painted on a court’s asphalt. “It’s tough for me to see him not be means to do what he’s accustomed to doing — not means to open a refrigerator, travel when he wants to walk. This is a really leveling year . . . a humbling experience.’’

Dave Faucher, Cosby’s manager all 4 years during Daniel Webster, pronounced Cosby was a good aspirant and one of a best shooters he ever coached.

“A good actor during this level, and no doubt he could have played aloft than Division 3,’’ pronounced Faucher, who also coached for some 20 years during Dartmouth. “Truly an ‘A’ shooter — fearless, means shooter. But that doesn’t start to contend how good he was off a court. A really eremite kid. It leaves we thinking, we know, since do these things happen, and when they do, since to people like Daris?’’

To college coaches, remarkable Faucher, now 66 and retired, players are ostensible to connoisseur and feel they’ve been enriched by a experience. Cosby, recruited to Nashua by afterwards partner Chris Dorsey, softened usually over a 4 years and, Faucher believes, incited a customary coach-player model inside-out.

“Every once in a while, we get kids, they impact we — we finish adult a softened chairman for coaching them,’’ pronounced Faucher. “All of a sudden, we demeanour in a counterpart and think, ‘Wait a second, I’m softened for these 4 years than Daris is!’ since of a form of chairman he is. This is a child who always does a right thing. If he walks into a restaurant, he takes his shawl off. He’s respectful to everybody he meets, treats custodians and presidents alike. You know what we mean? He only gets it.”

Left to wonder

Cosby pronounced he has spent time introspective since it happened to him. He doesn’t have a accurate answer, yet he is certain it happened for a reason.

“I trust we am in this position to give wish to others out there,’’ he said. “To give wish for others with critical injuries, spinal injuries, since life can strike we hard. It can hit we down, rip we down. But as prolonged as we trust in a aloft power, like we do, like we all do, afterwards we trust things will really get better.’’

The Daniel Webster group plays this year with Cosby’s shirt, No. 1 on front and back, draped on a dais for each game. His design hangs in a Eagles’ locker room.

Thomas Branch, whom Cosby refers to as his father, died in Feb 2011, while Cosby was a beginner during Daniel Webster. Throughout his life, pronounced Darlene Branch, her father mostly would contend that small shots grow adult to be large shots since they keep shooting.

Daris Cosby’s mom keeps a faith

In her strength and in her few bouts of grief, she binds on to those difference and urges Daris to do a same.

“That’s what we are going to do,’’ she said, her eyes welling as she spoke gently in a dilemma of a meditative room. “We are going to keep shooting.’’

Those meddlesome in assisting Cosby and his family with ascent medical bills can present during a website determined by some Daniel Webster students. Visit

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