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November 22, 2014 - Picnic Time

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The Overland Park relatives of a teen lady are indignant and undone a male convicted of raping their 14-year-old daughter could be expelled on trial after 4 months behind bars.

Lowell P. Brown, 35, intimately abused his 14-year-old step-niece inside his south Kansas City home in Feb 2013.

The girl’s step-father, who has lifted her given age 3, removed a day he found out what his hermit had done. To strengthen a victim’s identity, 41 Action News is not regulating her step-father’s name.

“My initial greeting was to kill him,” he said. “My daughter pennyless down great and could not even tell us directly what happened.”

The male and his mother reported a allegations to Kansas City police, who finished a debate talk with a teen during a Child Protection Center. A investigator also interviewed other witnesses about statements Brown done about a incidents.

Many of a sum from a rapist review are too striking to embody in this story, though DNA justification left small doubt about Brown’s guilt.

In Nov 2013, a Jackson County grand jury indicted Brown with 7 depends of 2nd grade orthodox sodomy and 2nd grade orthodox rape.

In September, Brown pleaded guilty to 3 depends of sodomy and one count of rape.

Brown is one of 7 siblings. The military review and rapist philosophy divided a vast extended family, a victim’s step-father said.

“My daughter blamed herself,” he said. “She was done out to a bad chairman by some people in a family. They would call her terrible things, and she coerced him or seduced him.”

As partial of a defence deal, prosecutors concluded to a 14-year extent of jail time. But in her sentencing memorandum, prosecutor Jill Icenhower asked for a limit punishment, citing a “egregious resources surrounding a crime.”

Brown’s invulnerability attorney, Willis Toney, argued for a judgment of probation. Toney pronounced his customer was during a low risk for re-offending and should not be characterized as a “predator.” It was a crime of event as against to carrying a proclivity to be a sex offender, he argued.

“These incidents were all consensual in inlet and no threats, force or duress was ever purported or proven,” Toney’s sentencing chit said.

That outline murderous a victim’s parents.

“That only shows he is not holding burden for what happened,” a step-father said. “He has no distress during all.”

At a sentencing hearing, Jackson County Judge Sandra Midkiff pronounced a occurrence was a tragedy for a child and a family.

She condemned Brown to 7 years in a Missouri Department of Corrections (DOC).

However, she also systematic him to a state’s Sex Offender Assessment Unit (SOAU) 120-day program.

“If a (SOAU) assesses, Mr. Brown, that we are means to be rehabilitated and to successfully finish sex delinquent diagnosis in a community, they will suggest that we should be placed on trial and expelled onto probation,” Judge Midkiff said. “But don’t consider for a notation that when we come out of control that your life earnings to a same. You’re not going to be sitting during a cruise list that includes any children underneath a age of 17. And that is a fact.”

The probability that Brown could be expelled on trial after 4 months dumbfounded a victim’s parents.

“I reverted behind to that initial feeling we had when we initial found out about a crime. The probity complement didn’t work. I’ll have to do it myself,” a step-father said. “It doesn’t supplement up.”

According to DOC statistics supposing to 41 Action News, there were 93 offenders certified to a SOAU final year. Of those, 59 offenders, or 63 percent, were expelled to trial after a 120-day assessment.

DOC statistics also uncover a normal judgment for Brown’s crime is about 6 years, with offenders portion roughly 70 percent of that time behind bars.

“My bureau consulted with a 14-year-old plant and her family and placed many suspicion and care into a recommendation,” Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker pronounced in a matter supposing to 41 Action News. “While we are unhappy with a Court’s sentencing in this case, we honour a Court’s authority.”

The SOAU will send a recommendation to Judge Midkiff about Brown’s intensity risk to re-offend and either that risk is many effectively dealt within a village or correctional setting, according to a outline of a program.

Judge Midkiff can take that recommendation and confirm either to extend trial or keep Brown in DOC control for his seven-year jail sentence.

The victim’s relatives don’t even consider there should be an option. They pronounced after a crime their daughter was frightened to nap or be alone. She mislaid weight, and she’d panic whenever she saw a automobile that looked like Brown’s.

Both a teen and her relatives sought conversing to cope.

“I would ask (the judge) if it was her daughter, her child, would we lay adult there and give 4 months?” a step-father said. “Absolutely not.”

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