Peninsula Community Theatre earnings with ‘Picnic’

September 30, 2016 - Picnic Time

There’s a sold stage in “Picnic” that many of a people concerned in a prolongation during Peninsula Community Theatre bring as their favorite.

It involves Rosemary, a propagandize teacher, removing down on her hands and knees and vagrant a male to marry her, subverting a 1950s environment of a play.

“Men in that duration of a time were suspect to be dominant,” pronounced executive Joe Petrolia. “Women in those days, in a ’50s, they were really still and easy going. Yet, here, dual of them — Flo and Rosemary — are flattering clever women. It’s a contrast.”

“Picnic,” that starts Friday during a Hilton Village theater, centers around a common backyard of Flo Owens, vital with her dual daughters, and Helen Potts, who lives with her aged mother. The universe of these women is shook adult on a attainment of Hal, played by Hampton proprietor Lawrence Nichols.