People Wait for Gates to Open for Travers Day during Saratoga

August 23, 2014 - Picnic Time

SARATOGA RACE COUERSE — Some people waited in line for some-more than 7 hours for a gates during a lane to open. These people participated in a yearly event, a rarely expected Travers Day during a Saratoga Race Course.

“It’s not like going to a competition course. It’s like entrance to a reunion,” pronounced Robert Iannuzo.

Iannuzo is a Saratoga veteran. He’s been entrance for 30 years. He pronounced he’s vigilant to suffer a day, notwithstanding a small change this year.

“These guys have been training for 5Ks this year. And, now they can’t run?” pronounced Iannuzo.

Iannuzo is articulate about a using of a bulls, a obvious Travers tradition, where people watchful in line run to squeeze a cruise table. This year, NYRA officials prevented running, in an try to diminution injuries.

“We wish everybody to be safe, and what we saw this morning was all that formulation implemented,” pronounced John Durso, a NYRA executive of communication.

A small something different. But, past a gates and into a course, were some-more acts of tradition.

“We know that good be here during this time. Just uncover adult if we wish to. We stay during a friends residence and only have a ball,” pronounced Mark Atkins.

There were some radical acts as well. This one didn’t engage horses.

“Every possibility we get, we have to lay and study,” pronounced Brooke Liming.

Liming is study for her house exams to be a physicians assistant. But, she’s multi-tasking.

“I’m unresolved out, examination my tables, anticipating no one takes them,” pronounced Liming.

Because in a end, Travers is about tradition. Whether that’s to watch a horses, run for a cruise table, or have a reunion, everybody can attend in something.

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